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Trance · 26. October 2019
We are thrilled to have reached 200 releases on Abora's original and main imprint. This is Abora 200: Timeless Favorites! Following upon the beloved Abora 100 mixcompilation released in 2015, the Abora team has now picked 17 of the most popular tracks released since that milestone and put them together into this new retrospective mixcompilation. To cap off the release, Ori Uplift, Abora's CEO, has integrated all the tracks together into one phenomenal continuous mix. Truly one of the most...
Promo  · 26. April 2019
For our next Release we present VaNISH A.K.A Redux Magic's Rezwan Khan and his excellent Uplifter ' insert name '. Quality production with spacious drums that have plenty of top end with lovely snare & hats and a solid Kick Drum that stabs through the mix coming together with an golden era style bassline pulsing through the track as synth leads slowly progress to lovely atmospheric breakdown with plucky synths and layers of gentle sweeps an exquisite euphoric melody. Available From Stores...
Promo  · 20. April 2019
Guido Hermans: As a big fan of the older trance sounds with ordinary beats, trancy, and spacey soundscapes and pads and creative melodies. I tried to do my best to make an album with these older sounds again. The tracks on the album are old school jp 8000 saws trance, progressive trance, trance with tribal influences and house. Each track title has some personal thoughts in it and is diverse. I have used my JP 8000 and sound design software to create this album ‘Renaissance’, an album with...
Trance · 23. March 2019
Following a five year interlude from the studio and turntables, the giant void left by the legendary Warp Brothers has finally been filled and the silence finally shattered. The duo are exploding back on to the electronic music scene with a bang proving the wait has definitely been worth it. Rewind to the year 2000 and the release of their first single ‘Phatt Bass’. The Warp Brothers were catapulted to the forefront of innovative techno/electro music after the track smashed dance charts...
Releases · 22. February 2019
K.E.K.A - Technicolor (Album) Kiyoi & Eky & Khairy Ahmed teamed up to the mighty producer team K.E.K.A! State Control Records is proud to present the first K.E.K.A album. Technicolor is a massive tech trance ride through a lot of great acids, heavy kicks & dancefloor destroying drops. The oriental elements & vocal chops with unique melodies are mindblowing. Crystal Crow, Rakugo, Technicolor, The Last Queen, Transit and the collaboration between K.E.K.A and Mahmoud Rizk will...
Releases · 22. February 2019
Genre - Uplifting Vocal Trance Cast Melodic Culture - Producer,Composer,Album Art Kevin Faraci - Vocals & Lyrics Arman Bas - Remixer The Pulsarix - Remixer Mastered by Ciro Visone Audio Mastering We are excited to bring you the Amazing - Breath of Darkness - from VERSE's own orchestral trance master Melodic Culture. This time he is in collaboration with the incredible vocalist Kevin Faraci, from the USA, who is a star of stage (incl.Cirque de Soleil) and excels in opera, pop, trance and...
Trance · 21. January 2019
Started making music at an early age of maybe 10-yrs old at early 90's, allways loved melodic and heart pounding sounds. Now a littlebit focuced on dj'ing (was that right) :) Hopefully I will bring a BIG SMILE to somebodys face with these sets. Tune in weekly on Monday at 9 pm
Trance · 11. January 2019
Parallels is a weekly radio show hosted by international producer & DJ, Monoverse. The show features exclusive material from Monoverse and his FSOE Parallels record label, as well as his personal selection of favorites across the electronic music spectrum. Tune in weekly Weekly on Wednesday Start : January 16⋅6:00 – 7:00pm
Trance · 03. November 2018
Master Beat Projekt Salzkotten, Germany "Trust In Trance" radio show with uplifting melodic trance music contains new as well as chart tracks from the fields. Tune in Monthly on the second Sunday Starts at November 11, 2018, 10:00pm – 12:00am
Trance · 21. September 2018
Tune in : Weekly on Friday 7:00 – 8:00pm

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