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1. Jenny Karol - Кaleidoscope Pure Trance 2014 2015 /6 hrs, 18 mins, 30 secs 

2. Ben Gold - GoldrushRadio 138 /5 hrs, 50 mins, 44 secs 

3. Alex NEGNIY  - Trance Air #277 UpliftZone special /5 hrs, 26 mins, 35 secs 

4. Lange - Create 055/ 5 hrs, 14 mins, 48 secs 

5. Cheshire Cat pres. -  Alice in Wonderland Radioshow #005/ 4 hrs, 16 mins, 13 secs 

6. Avalon Live closing set at Dreamstate U S A Insomniac/ 3 hrs, 51 mins, 35 secs 

7. Arrakeen  - Beyond Perception Monthly Ep026 & 27 /3 hrs, 47 mins, 8 secs 

8. Bobina - Russia Goes Clubbing 436 /3 hrs, 45 mins, 21 secs 

9. InWinter - Grey Line Podcast 038 /3 hrs, 38 mins, 33 secs 

10. Tony Grand - Reunion 145

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Abide - Carry My Way / Tokyo EP

Abide is here with his first debut EP on (Inspectrum Recordings). In this release, Abide combines the uplifting trance with the elegance of melodies and simple emotions. The EP has two original tracks: 


Carry Me Away: A sensational uplifting melodic trance mixes the simplicity of trance and the greatness of melody. 


Tokyo: An inspiration track in Abide's own style, That had the energetic feeling and banging beats. 


A lot to see from This artist especially in the next compilation (Spectra of Trance Vol. 2 (Mixes By Guest DJ Daniel Kandi) coming out next month.


Released March 27, 2017 on Inspectrum Recordings

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Anske pres. Aqsua - Keep Believing


We are pleased to introduce Anske and his Aqsua alias to Abora Symphonic. This is 'Keep Believing'.


Aqsua is the chillout alter ego of Lithuanian producer Anske. This time, he explores the path of orchestral composition, with a track that is truly magnificent. Starting off with a shivering bass, he then introduces powerful drum rhythms with an emotional piano. A perfect fit for accompanying any action-based videos!


'Keep Believing' is a tremendous success for the trance producer. We cannot wait for you to hear what this alias will bring on next.(c)Abora Symphonic


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 22nd Mar 2017

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Angelica S Pres. Other Side - Echoes [Trans Original Records]


It is a melodious track, sometimes sad, but even her sadness, makes us sometimes to enjoy life.


Release Date Global : 07. 04 .2017

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InWinter - Grey Line Podcast (Special Trance Edition)

part 1 

01. Berg - Randa (Extended Mix) 

02. Shugz - End Product 

03. Simon O'Shine & Ahmed Romel - Erytheia 

04. Cold Blue - Gold Rush (Niko Zografos Remix) 

05. Ahmed Romel - City Of Life (RAM Remix) 

06. Yuri Kane - Right Back (A & Z Uplifting Bootleg) 

07. Craig Connelly feat. Jessica Lawrence - How Can I (James Dymond Remix) 

08. James Dymond & Chris Schweizer - Spectrum (Extended Mix) 

09. InWinter - Succubus (Premiere) 

10. Protoculture - Asphalt (Skylex Bootleg) 


part 2 

01. Photographer - Infinity (Roman Messer Remix) 

02. John Askew - Raven 

03. Ana Criado & Alan Morris - Border Line 

04. Bryan Kearney - Adrenaline 

05. Alan Walker - Faded (Talla 2XLC Uplifting Rework) 

06. Indecent Noise - Serpent (Extended Mix) 

07. InWinter - My Rebirth (ReBirth`s Anthem) 

08. RAM feat. Stine Grove - Forever And A Day (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) 

09. Jan Miller - Liberty (Extended Mix) 

10. Exis - Mantra (Extended Mix) 

11. Ciro Visone - Someone Save Me

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AVIVchart. Last 7 day(s)
























Top Tracks by Airtime

Tracks  Airtime:

1. Arrakeen  - Beyond Perception Monthly Ep026 & 27

9 hrs, 24 mins, 58 secs

2. ANDYs Trance Podcast Episode 112 - Guest Mix SCORE 08 02 2017

7 hrs, 3 mins, 16 secs

3. Jenny Karol - Кaleidoscope Pure Trance 2014 2015

6 hrs, 44 mins, 56 secs

4. Alex NEGNIY - Trance Air #274 pres. Another Trance Air 2017

5 hrs, 36 mins, 30 secs

5. CosmicGate - Wake Your Mind 150

4 hrs, 31 mins, 59 secs

6. Sean Tyas - Degenerate Radio 109

4 hrs, 21 mins, 16 secs

7. Ben Gold - GoldrushRadio 138

4 hrs, 11 mins, 58 secs

8. Markus Schulz - GDJB World Tour London 2017

3 hrs, 58 mins, 6 secs

9. Gospel Show 17 2 17

3 hrs, 55 mins, 33 secs

10.Tony Grand - Reunion 143 Incl Martin Cloud Album Review
3 hrs, 52 mins, 5 secs

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Playme - It's A Good Feeling


Playme makes his comeback with a very euphoric tune, filled with beautiful strings, a soft piano, enchanting choirs, bright leads, and an energetic bassline which will immerse you into an ocean of sounds and make you lose track of time. Good feelings guaranteed!


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 20th Mar 2017

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Marcprest - Flying on your Soul (Incl. Alex Van Gray / Rich Triphonic Mixes)


TFB Records is proud to present its brand new release, number 225, with the stunning original song produced by Marcprest, 'Flying on your Soul'; including two additional marvelous remixes by Alex Van Gray and Rich Triphonic.


A vast power welcomes us into the original song and, as the uplifting special touch is added, we surf an incredibly magical initial path. After such a beautiful progression, the breakdown comes in to end up blinding us with an incredible amount of peaceful sounds. The beauty and the harmonic essence released within this break is just undescriptible, it reminds us how often the emotional music is misunderstood, cause it may not fit well into a main stage set but, what is far more important is the feelings it conveys to us, making us to instantly teleport our mind to the world of wonders. What music makes you feel is what really matters so, we highly recommend you to listen carefully to this impressive song and feel the experience. Flawless gem by Marcprest, thanks buddy!


Alex Van Gray has taken one step forward into the most characteristic uplifting sound, imprinting higher energy to his remix. But, what surprises us is the way he has kept the mystical essence, combining in such a perfect way both faces. It trully shows impressive production skills on creating an emotional anthem with the exact amount of power within its baseline, totally awesome. When we fall into the breakdown, the unexpected story starts again, taking us to a different place everytime we listen to it; this is the true magic of Trance music. The journey is even enhanced with the blinding climax, where the baseline fully meets the whole melody, a completely mystical experience for our mind. Alex Van Gray proudly brings to us a song worthy to be among the best emotional uplifted tunes of the year! Congratulations Alex!


Closing this release we find the remix signed by Rich Triphonic, a huge talented producer who is quickly rising to the top level of producing. From his particular point of view, he presents a song with a slightly darker baseline, giving to it a higher leadership during the initial progression of the song, letting the first glances of the melody to float above it. The breakdown comes in very subtly, arising the melody to its highest point and letting it shine with all its beauty. But the tension starts to be gathered soon, rising the whole energy progressively until the red line is crossed and what comes after is for you to discover.

A different vision with the same aim, to release overwhelming amount of feelings into the listener's mind, presenting a surprising inner journey through the deepest emotions! Masterpiece by Rich Triphonic! (c)

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R.E.L.O.A.D. - Where The Sun Shines


We are honored to welcome the Argentinian duo R.E.L.O.A.D for their

debut single on Edge EDM Records, this is 'Where The Sun Shines'.

Providing an introduction containing wall-shaking bass lines, the duo showcase their talent by combining aggressive drums and synthesizers with a poignant breakdown that leads into a powerful and energetic climax!

The R.E.L.O.A.D duo makes an impressive debut to the Edge EDM brand and we cannot wait until you hear what's coming next! (c)


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 13th Mar 2017

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Kash Mihra - Stars In Your Hands


Straight from Portugal comes a new producer on Pulsar

Recordings under the alias Kash Mihra! This upcoming producer has brought something outstanding to our ears which we had to sign right on the spot. The driving intro, the emotional piano and the catchiest lead you will hear in a long time is what makes “Stars In Your Hands” totally stand out from the norm. The feel good summer vibe is coming early to blow up your speakers!

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