ambient · 05. October 2019
I was fond of music since childhood and graduated from cello music school. I love melodic, emotional and atmospheric music in the styles of Chillout, Ambient, Trance, Breaks and others. In the late 90s I was interested in writing electronic music, later had to abandon this hobby. In 2010 I decided to try the sound production again with the use of modern instruments. In 2014 released the first album in the styles of Chillout and Ambient. In 2018 two album Above The Sky and Memories About album...
ambient · 05. November 2018
All people tend to dream, to dream about different things....Beautiful, airy, relaxing music will complement your special, inexplicable language that anticipation, the feelings and emotions that we put into your dream! Listen to how your most cherished dream sounds!! With great respect and appreciation to you, Andrey Malinov. Tune in : Tuesday,10:00 – 11:00pm Weekly on Tuesday