Jenny   Karol

ReBirth.The Future Is Now!

Exclusively for 92.9 Play-FM USA, Florida 

#Uplifting Emotional Trance 

Weekly, Every SUN 7:00 am (USA,Florida Time)

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Kaleidoscope.Out of Time and Genre

►Exclusively for "Out of Genre and Time" 

Monthly, Every SUN 8:00 - 9:00 PM 

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Abora Recordings, Maraphobia, Euphoric, Afternova, AlYf Recordings ,GYSNOIZE, Cooper Recordings, TFB, Verse,

AscendanceAudio, AscendanceAbstract,

Evolve Records, Embedded Audio, KHB Music, Pulsar Recordings, Sensual Bliss Recordings, Sundance Recordings, Trance All Stars - TAR#138 (louder & faster trance), Beyond The Stars Recordings (uplifting trance, emotional trance), Liquid Energy Digital (tech trance, psy trance), Reclublic Recordings (prog & tech house, avant-garde electronica), Cinesphere Records (chill out, cinematic, ambient); Trance Terminal Recordings, Trancer Recordings, Yeiskomp Records, Inspectrum Recordings,World of Caellus, Mysterious Station, Soundport Recordings, Mindlifting Records ,Trance People Records, Fazeform Records ,D.MAX Recordings, TranceForm, Vandit ,AVA Recordings, Appointed Recordings , Trance All Stars, Beyond The Stars, Blackout Trance,Inspectrum , Spin Twist Records and many more...


Radio Stations:

  • 92.9 FM USA,Florida
  • Trance Athens
  • Lumix FM (Ukraine) 
  • Radio-Trance-Nation (Germany)
  • 109 FM (Kiev,Ukraine)
  • TEMPO RADIO (Mexico)
  • Beats2Dance (Netherland)
  • Trance-Energy Radio 
  • (Rome,Italy)
  • Phoenix Trance Radio (San Francisco)  
  • Purhits Radio (Germany) 
  • Trance World (Irеland) 
  • (Israel) 
  • XFM Romania
  • Trance Is Star (Ukraine) 
  • AirWave Radio 

MY  TOP  100

My current position in the PromoDJ TOP 100:


As a DJ

10 +2 position, Uplifting Trance, per year (all countries) 

18 position, Vocal Trance, per year (all countries) 

26 +2 position, Trance, per year (all countries) 

66 -5 position, Chillout, per year (all countries) 

77 +2 position, Psy Trance, per year (all countries) 


As a radioshow/podcast

25+1 position, Trance, per year (all countries) 


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