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CEO/Founder/Owner at AVIVmedia»Music Digital Label

#Uplifting_Emotional _Progressive_Tech_PSY_Trance 

...In life we die and die again, and then...We hope our new REBIRTH...

Exclusively for 93.1 Play-FM USA, Florida 

#Uplifting_Emotional _Trance 

Monthly, Every 1st SUN 7:00 am (USA,Florida Time)

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...Were Never Born and You Will Never Die - Kaleidoscope moves us all in turn...

Exclusively for  DI.FM Goa-Psy Trance 


Monthly, Every 3rd Friday, 21:00 - 22:00

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Psychedelic trip of music dreams,art and mind overdose...

> Exclusive & New releases;

> Out Of Time - Old PSY  Trance tunes;

> The Most Favorite tunes ;

> The best Album/Artist of the month, for my taste ;

> Guest mixes ;

> and many more...

...COME INSIDE. Let The Fire Burn You Alive !

Exclusively for Afterhours.FM


Monthly, Every Second Tuesday 3PM Amsterdam Time

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Record Labels:

Abora Recordings, Maraphobia, Euphoric, Afternova, AlYf Recordings ,GYSNOIZE, Cooper Recordings, TFB, Verse,

AscendanceAudio, AscendanceAbstract,

Evolve Records, Embedded Audio, KHB Music, Pulsar , Sensual Bliss Recordings, Sundance , TAR#138 , Liquid Energy Digital Cinesphere Records,Trance Terminal Recordings, Trancer Recordings, Yeiskomp, Inspectrum Recordings,World of Caellus, Mysterious Station, Soundport Recordings, Mindlifting Records ,Trance People Records, Fazeform Records ,D.MAX , Vandit, AVA Recordings, Appointed Recordings , Trance All Stars, Beyond The Stars, Blackout Trance,Inspectrum , Spin Twist Records ,Crewea Music Group,Redux, We Are Trance, Big Toys,State Control, Sorcery Records, LONO Music , Tecnomind Music, Discover . Azure Recordings , Delaforce , Melancholy Records . Pegasus Music , Music Over Matter, Ultima Audio.

Entrancing Music. Digital Euphoria, Gert Records,Deepsink Digital and many more...

InWinter , Victor Special ,Frank Watson , Suzy Solar, M.D.A. Johnny  L ,Andrew Manning , Wonder Element, Mohamed Mebarki., AnFleX,Northen Angel, Slaider, Ch Lachev, Andrew Crown , Steve Lane,Warp Brothers

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  • Trance Athens
  • Lumix FM (Ukraine) 
  • Radio-Trance-Nation (Germany)
  • 109 FM (Kiev,Ukraine)
  • TEMPO RADIO (Mexico)
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  • Trance-Energy Radio 
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  • Trance World (Irеland) 
  • avivmedia.fm (Israel) 
  • XFM Romania
  • Trance Is Star (Ukraine) 
  • Play Trance Radio (Spain)

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As a DJ

10 +2 position, Uplifting Trance, per year (all countries) 

18 position, Vocal Trance, per year (all countries) 

26 +2 position, Trance, per year (all countries) 

66 -5 position, Chillout, per year (all countries) 

77 +2 position, Psy Trance, per year (all countries) 


As a radioshow/podcast

25+1 position, Trance, per year (all countries) 


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