RESIDENTS · 04. July 2020
I’m Richard and I like to write music under the name “Alchemorph”. I’ve been making music for a long time and mainly create ambient / chillout music as well as some dance music. .On my show I hope to take you on a journey and chill out your soul for the evening / night / whenever you listen!
RESIDENTS · 04. July 2020
Radio-DJ from Morocco, author of Sound Vision podcasts in chill, psychill, ambient, future garage & other melodic genres. Tune in: Sound Vision radioshow every Tuesday at 8pm Sound Vision Psy Sessions every Friday at 5pm Contacts: SoundCloud - Mixcloud -
Trance DJ`s · 07. April 2020
Jay Honey a.k.a Taspect began life as a trance/hard dance DJ back in the late nineties/early 2000’s in the UK, playing various venues around the south west under the pseudonym of Twisted Aspect. In 2001, the headphones were hung up for personal reasons and the piles of vinyl began to gather dust. After a spontaneous trip to the White Isle in 2019, the fires were rekindled, and the rush returned. Reinvented as Taspect, this new love brought new horizons and along side the Trance roots a new...
Promo  · 21. March 2020
What really differentiates a conscious mind from something or someone that is totally or partially not conscious of what is happening around his or her reality? We think humans are conscious living organisms… Are plants conscious living organisms? What is the real difference after all? At Metabolizm Records, we care about those questions and we try to find the answers. We maybe don’t have the perfect answer now, but we are on a quest to discover the possibilities. With a melodic approach...
Trance DJ`s · 26. October 2019
We are thrilled to have reached 200 releases on Abora's original and main imprint. This is Abora 200: Timeless Favorites! Following upon the beloved Abora 100 mixcompilation released in 2015, the Abora team has now picked 17 of the most popular tracks released since that milestone and put them together into this new retrospective mixcompilation. To cap off the release, Ori Uplift, Abora's CEO, has integrated all the tracks together into one phenomenal continuous mix. Truly one of the most...
ambient · 05. October 2019
I was fond of music since childhood and graduated from cello music school. I love melodic, emotional and atmospheric music in the styles of Chillout, Ambient, Trance, Breaks and others. In the late 90s I was interested in writing electronic music, later had to abandon this hobby. In 2010 I decided to try the sound production again with the use of modern instruments. In 2014 released the first album in the styles of Chillout and Ambient. In 2018 two album Above The Sky and Memories About album...
Future Garage · 05. October 2019
VMDM was formed in 2017 explores genres such as future garage, ambient and other electronic music. We are a community that is looking for followers around the world and who are ready to move and develop with us. VMDM presents a Future Garage Podcasts of our artists and another famous artists who loves FG.
Future Garage · 05. October 2019
AUEL made his first experience in making music on an ATARI ST back in 1986. On a more serious manner he started to produce electronic music in 1996 and played some gigs. Meanwhile his passion is all about less known electronic genres like Ambient, Dark Ambient and Future Garage.
Future Garage · 05. October 2019
ChronoScape it`s a Future Garage Radio Show Exclusively for AVIV from Andrew R@V - Co Owner / CEO AVIVmedia » Music Digital Label. Tune in: Weekly on Monday 23:00 pm Listen on Mixcloud iTunes Podcast
Trance DJ`s · 21. September 2019
Bio: I've been a DJ since I was 16 years old,, Began working in clubs when I was 17 back in 1978. Learned on Turntables. Moved over to CDs, then mixing on software in 1999, then to mix controllers & CDJs in 2009. My head has always been into European dance music since the beginning. I fell in love with Trance in 1998 and it's been amazing. I began producing Dreamland as a Facebook Live event in 2016, and now it's playing in different places world wide. Each outlet is a prized jewel for me...

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