Trance DJ`s · 27. January 2023
Ben van Gosh
DJ and Producer and one of the hottest exports from globe joins AVIVMedia with his monthly regular show called Kitchen Trance Club. Ben van Gosh has started his trance journey in 2021 and is one of the rising stars in the trance world. Follow him for more information on all social media channels or
RESIDENTS · 12. August 2022
Please,Welcome and enjoy the best show in the world on AVIV Radio ! GLOBAL DANCE MISSION is a radio show/podcast hosted by Erin here to bring you the best dance music from around the world. Based out of Los Angeles, GDM features resident Robert Holland, plus other local and international DJs and producers. If you enjoy the sounds of progressive, trance, electro, and techno, this is the show for you. Episodes are available at, iTunes, Soundcloud , and Mixcloud. Keep...
Trance DJ`s · 23. July 2022
Terry Golden-Art of Rave Monday
Genre: House, Trance, EDM, Progressive-House, Electro-House, Music Length: 60 mins Description: Terry Golden's weekly 'Art of Rave' is an eclectic, energetic and exciting radio show that is devoted to the love of EDM, Trance, House and upfront Electronic Dance Music that is built and designed for the clubs, festivals, cars, headphones and wherever else that you consume your audio. Left in the capable hands of the expert DJ and host of the show Terry Golden - you can expect only the very best in...
Trance DJ`s · 23. July 2022
Jon Hodgson-The Abyss radio show
Genre: House, Trance, Techno, Deep-House, EDM, Tech-House, Progressive-House, Electronica Length: 118 mins Description: An 'Abyss' is something that you could peer into and it would get progressively darker and deeper the further you explore. The Abyss is a weekly dance show hosted by Jon Hodgson that is dedicated to the latest prereleases, white-labels, and emergent previews in underground electronic dance music. The show's name reflects this and runs for two hours slowly descending from the...
Trance DJ`s · 23. July 2022
Tasadi-My Quest
Genre: Trance, Deep-House, Tech-House, Progressive-House, Dance Length: 60 mins Description: 'My Quest' is my 20+ year culmination of DJing through a plethora of different previous radio shows, styles and experiences. Through the past couple of decades I've both produced and spun many different genres of music. I wanted to take this "quest" of mine and combine it into what many would consider a seem-less show ranging from house, tech, progressive, trance and more. I personally think of it as...
Releases · 20. April 2022
Max Barskih - Bude Vesna (Air Project Remix)
Слава Україні 🇺🇦
RESIDENTS · 19. April 2022
Corolla - Much Of The Future
New resident on AVIV Radio
Events · 23. March 2022
Trance DJ's Stand For Ukaraine
So you really thought that you were tired of my basic posts regarding my radio mix shows and projects. Well brace yourself, because for the rest of this week I am going to be talking about Trance DJ's Stand For Ukraine. This event is March 25th, 2022 @ 12:00 am Israel time on Avivmedia from Tel Aviv, Israel. This event has been organized to raise money for the people of the war ravaged Ukraine. This is a Paypal account and is 100% legit and legal. The whole world has been viewing on TV what has...
04. March 2022
Chaos Of Trance 3 years special... #PrayForUkraine
Chaos Of Trance 3 years special... #PrayForUkraine Start: 05.03.2022 Time : 00:00 Tune in: Оrganizer : Mikko Kivikko ‼Donate here to Ukraine's military as they fight to defend democracy & freedom for us all. They are now the frontline in the global quest for truth, facts, democracy, and freedom against dictators, oppression, lies, and fabrications. Starting on Friday...
RESIDENTS · 15. January 2022
DJKrissB from Latvia, Talsi. He was born on February 3, 1982. Associated with Trance music since 1999. Before that, he played at all kinds of private events. From 2021, he decided to take up music professionally. He is studying dj music school @Ritma Instituts. And he has his own All About Trance show. All About Trance is all about this genre. We also expect our own productions in the future.

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