Wafaa Alamri & Jenny Karol - Inner Kaleidoscope 1:1

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Attens feat. Martina Kay - If You Find A Way (New World Remix) \ Abora

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Tycoos & Sergej Salehov - Until We Say Goodbye / Entrancing Music

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Daniel de Noil - Collective Vibrations

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DreamLife & Cosmic Heaven - Perseids

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Illitheas & Terry Gaters - Aestas (Original Mix)

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Various - Amsterdam. The End Of Year Album

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Kindzerskiy Sergiy Feat Tamari - Om A Hum

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Dreamlife - In the Clouds (Incl. Obi / Patrick Dreama Mixes)

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Matthias Pahl - The Gate to the Trance Music

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VA - 20 Years Euphonic Vol 2

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Philip Langham - JTUT #Classic

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DJ T.H. - Vanilla Cream

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Xander - Memory Of Tomorrow

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Caellus - Susana

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Cressida, Ronski Speed, Sonorous - 20 Years Euphonic Vol 1

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Damian Wasse & Specific Slice - The Legend Of All Times

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Sean & Xander - Inspire

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Ryota Arai - Homeward Bound

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Roman Nemiga - Dance4Life

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Chill Day on avivmedia.fm

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Brent Rix - Stargazer

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Enfortro - Pass The Ketchup

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Jens Jakob - The Rebel (Artist Album)

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DJ Hunter - Summer Memories 2017

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Ciro Visone & Mister Hyde - Emozioni / Neurals (Media Records)

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The Best Of Deepsink Digital Trance Vol 2

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Siriu2 - Lift Off / Appointed Recordings

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AlYf – No Words Just Melodies (025)

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Embedded Audio : Otto Uplifting - Tell Me Why

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Edge Vision : System Nipel - Breathing

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SDR168 PROMO : Air Project - Outside The Universe (incl. Arsen Gold and Stard Moon Remixes)

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Azura Recordings 012 - Allegro - Serendipia (Original mix)

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Trance Synergy - Avivmedia Special

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Oleg Silin - Belarusian Night Podcast 100 !

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Thomas Lee – Battlestar

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Ivan G.M - Galactic Heart

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Tony Nickles - Through The Clouds

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Ricc Albright presents Trance Synergy Live on 20th August 2017

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InnerSync - Fairies from the Magic Forest Ep

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AVIV Chart - TOP 10 [5.8.2017]

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Evolve Records» A World Of Trance Vol. 4 - Continuous Mix

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Helgi - Live @ Bar & Dance [ 28/7/2017]

Weekly live recording of the Deep Show`s  'Bar GARAGE'.

Tambov, Russia



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AVIV Chart - TOP 10 [29.7.2017]

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Ricc Albright presents Trance Synergy

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NRG Factory – Behind The Light

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Sebastian Brushwood - Snatch (Incl. Bryan Summerville / Kaya Mixes)

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Various Artists - Discover Trance Pack 004

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Philip Langham - Episode 530

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Steve Brian & Ronski Speed - Viper

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Ciro Visone & Marcprest pres. Galaxya - Energia

We are honored to introduce this freshly created project from Italian producers Ciro Visone and Marcprest. This is 'Energia' by Galaxya, out on Digital Euphoria.


'Energia' draws its intensity from the deep pads, soothing melodies and epic breakdown. The two Italian producers transport us to a journey through emotions, with a main melody that will surely remind you of tracks released a couple of years back!


Ciro Visone & Marcprest deliver a powerful, yet nostalgic track that you will remember for a long time!


BPM & Keys:

All Mixes: 138 bpm - C# Maj (3B)


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 7th Aug 2017

Patrick Dreama & DJ Xquizit feat. OSITO - Ultraviolet

'Ultraviolet' is the new single coming out on Abora Recordings from the breakthrough producers Patrick Dreama and DJ Xquizit, and American singer OSITO.


These three talents teamed up to deliver one of the most spectacular releases of the summer. With its pounding basslines and euphoric melodies combined with the beautiful voice of OSITO, 'Ultraviolet' is a perfect peak-time track for your dancefloor or for listening at home while fist-pumping. 


Patrick Dreama, DJ Xquizit, and OSITO have outdone themselves with 'Ultraviolet, and we can't wait to hear what they will produce next!


BPM & Keys:

All mixes: 138 bpm - F min (4A)


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 31st Jul 2017

Ben Mitchell - Northern Lights (Original Mix)

Ben Mitchell drops off a progressive tune that has a soul chilling vox and is ready to shake any dance floor. After playing this tune at Lost World HQ, we had the entire staff dancing.

A brilliant production by Ben Mitchell! GET ALL OVER TRANCE FAMILY!!


Released August 7, 2017 on Lost World Recordings Red

Mario Più - Meraviglia

After dizzying into the tech trance mood, Mario Più finally is back wearing the dress that has characterized himself for many years: the Mediterranean progressive style heavily influenced by the uplifting trance.


"Meraviglia" (translated “Wonder” from Italian language), on Neurals Records, Mario’s A&R and spiritual father, is the juice of the vision, a way, a evolution from the Media Records world.


Amazing climax break intro, so jungle, so drum'n'bass and ambient, and the start Mario Piu classic mood like twenty years ago, and the development of a song that sparkles in a drop. That no leaves the mind.


Global Release date: 28/08/2017

Ivan G.M - Donostia \ Price Trance Records

Ivan G.M returns to Price Trance with our second release.


Welcome to 'Donostia' . This amazing track have all the strenght anf energy of the sea in the north of Spain. place of residence of this magnifient producer and that gave name to this track. 

Amazing progressive sounds for our second reference , with a very marked hard bass line . Progressive dark essence for Donostia. 


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 1st Aug 2017

Empathy - Skyfall \ Transire Recordings

The 18th release of Transire Recordings is coming right from Argentina!


The great Argentinian DJ / Producer Empathy makes his debut on Transire Recordings with a outstanding song called 'Skyfall'. A progressive trance choon, with a perfect driving bassline, wonderful progression, and peaceful and heavenly breakdown, then... A huge melody, just a marvelous trance song.


For The remix we have a favorite, Diego Morrill. Giving a twist from the original, Diego puts his own style to his mix. Big bassline, nice riffs, and a melody progression lead us to the breakdonw, as the original the heavenly side of trance is present in the breakdown, but then Diego takes the track to a

proggy-tech drop.


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 21st Aug 2017

Adam Morris - Stratosphere / Blackout Trance Division

We welcome back American producer Adam Morris.
This time with a captivating and melodic track.

The massive baseline from the start just takes you off on a journey. The progressive uplifting feel brings you to a beautiful breakdown that is just captivating. Enjoy!!!


Available From Stores

Beatport, LLC - 9th Aug 2017

Everywhere - 23rd Aug 2017

AVIV Chart - TOP 10 17 Jun 2017





















Track Airtime


1. Ori Uplift - Uplifting Only 226 June 8 2017 All Instrumental 7 hrs, 52 mins, 20 secs

2. Waveform - Center Of The Universe Album Mix 6 hrs, 45 mins, 39 secs

3. Unknown - Nick Turner #AccelerateShow 119 5 hrs, 49 mins, 29 secs

4. John Pout - Gospel Show 17 5 hrs, 13 mins, 45 secs

5. Jenny Karol - MIX CHALLENGE EVENT 4 hrs, 44 mins, 42 secs

6. KUNO - KUNOs Uplifting Trance Hour 130 (2017-24) 4 hrs, 28 mins, 7 secs

7. Susana - Press Play Radio 026 4 hrs, 9 mins, 42 secs

8. Phil Langham - Journeys Through Trance 523 3 hrs, 51 mins, 3 secs

9. Steve Allen - Metamorphosis 012 LIVE 3 hrs, 49 mins, 44 secs

10. Dima Rise - Ocean Of Trance 114 3 hrs, 49 mins, 18 secs

AVIV Chart - TOP 10





















Top Tracks by Airtime

Statistics for reporting period: Last 7 day(s):

  1. . Tony Sty - Uplifting Souls 051 May 2017
  2. Uplifting Only 224 incl Cerulean Sky Guestmix May 25 2017
  3. Phil Langham - Journeys Through Trance 522XL
  4. John Pout - Gospel Show 16
  5. Dave Chimny - Ganorium Voyage 2017-06
  6. Gate of Paradise - Mindblowing Session 168
  7. Andrew Prylam - Trance Utopia #062
  8. Victor Special - Motion of the Planet Episode 071 with Jenny Karol Guest Mix
  9. Raz Nitzan Music Sessions - Progressive Trance with DoubleV Chapter 20
  10. WHITENO1SE - Private Collection Vol 2 - VINI VICI Guest Mix

The Mechanic & Vindicator - Gentle Rain From Heaven\\VERSE (Equinox)

VERSE is very pleased to bring to you Gentle Rain From Heaven a truly beautiful and emotional release from Hungarian duo The Mechanic & Vindicator.


At 138 BPM this has a great driving intro with plenty of energy, magnificent break with heavenly strings and wonderful piano the notes of which even sound like gentle drops of rain. You could imagine them fallimg from the sky and the fragrant scent of wet grassland rising from the green and fertile earth .


This is a truly beautiful euphoric track that just soars with emotion and at nearly 9 mins long it is definitely of the VERSE ‘proper long track with decent break’ genre that we love so much.


For this release we have also included a radio edit .

We really hope this release will bring a little drop of heaven into your day and that you will enjoy it and continue to give us your much appreciate support .


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 12th Jun 2017

AVIV Chart - TOP 10





















Top Tracks by Airtime

Statistics for reporting period: 

From May 27, 2017 to Jun 3, 2017


1.DJ Phalanx - Uplifting Trance Sessions EP 334 - aired 23rd May 2017

2. KUNO - KUNOs Uplifting Trance Hour 128 

3. Ori Uplift  - Uplifting Only 224 incl Cerulean Sky Guestmix May 25 2017 

4.DJ Slaider - Night Express Show #186

5. Phil Langham - Journeys Through Trance 520

6. Andrew Prylam - Trance Utopia #061

7. The Cloudy Day - Limelight Radio show 082

8. InWinter - Grey Line Podcast 039 (part1)

9. Nik Hodan - Divo Into The World Of Trance Music 030

10.  Euphoric Nation - Trance Paradise 324


AVIV MIX - New Mixes On Air




















  1. AirDigital - Trancefan Radioshow  300  Classic
  2. Andrew Prylam - Trance Utopia  62
  3. Tom Exo - Planet Trance On Air 104 
  4. The Boss Karl Forde -  The Firmament  09
  5. LARIX W - WORLD of TRANCE R 035 [Live Mix]
  6. Nick Turner - Accelerate Show 118
  7. Nik Hodan-Divo Into The World Of Trance Music 030.
  8. Gate Of Paradise - Mindblowing Session 168
  9. Gate Of Paradise - New Trance GenerationFull Vocal 35
  10. Gate Of Paradise - Trancepassion 265
  11. Emacore - The Rise & Fall 51.
  12. Emacore - EMOtrance 131.
  13. Steve Allen -  Metamorphosis 012 LIVE.
  14. Tony Sty - upLIFTS 220
  15. Tony Sty - Uplifting Souls 051 May 2017
  16. Aly & Fila - FSOE 498
  17. WHITENO1SE  - DJ Set [Trance Psyberia]
  18. WHITENO1SE  - Private Collection Vol 2 - VINI VICI Guest Mix
  19. John Pout - Gospel Show 16
  20. Blastoyz B2B Berg - 710k MiX
  21. Leeyan Jones - Best of Uplifting Trance Mix 2017 Session 4  May 2017
  22. Captain Hook - Deeper In Trance vol. 3
  23. DJ Phalanx - Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 335 - 30th May 2017.
  24. Chris Monk - Uplifting Trance Sampler (May 17)
  25. The Lord Of Trance - The Aurora Trance Mnemosyne (Special Whos Afraid of 138).
  26. Whitelight DJProducer - Lightning PodCast EP06
  27. RussiaGoesClubbing - Russia Goes Clubbing 450 [Uplifting Trance Special]
  28. Ori Uplift - Uplifting Only 225 (incl. Vocal Trance) (June 1, 2017)
  29. Philip Langham - journeys through trance 017 2001
  30. Myon - Ride Radio 010
  31. Dave Chimny - Ganorium Voyage 2017-06
  32. Victor Special - Motion of the Planet Episode 071 with Jenny Karol Guest Mix
  33. Mohamed Ragab - Excelsior Sessions (May 2017)
  34. The Cloudy Day - Limelight Radio show 083
  35. PETER KONTOR - NightLife Sesseions 66
  36. KUNO - Uplifting Trance Hour 129 (2017-23)
  37. Waveform - Center Of The Universe (Album Mix)
  38. Maratone - Maraphobia 089 (Jun 1, 2017)
  39. Alex NEGNIY - Trance Air  289
  40. Alex MAVR - Trance Territory #526

Dustin Husain - Spectra\\Blackout Trance Division

Dustin Husain returns for his 2nd release on the label.

His best so far bringing you an amazing uplifting trance track that will for sure take you on a magical journey.

The stunning melody and mesmerizing breakdown will leave you speechless. That feeling when this drops on the dance floor, the euphoric feel and banging beats will bring that smile to your face. 


Available From Stores

Beatport, LLC - 15th Jun 2017

Everywhere - 29th Jun 2017

Philip Langham - JTT 522 XL

Tracklist :522 (Chillout Trance)

01 PAUL HIDER & LEENOOX - aeria (chillout mix) [BEYOND THE STARS]

02 ALEKSEY GUNICHEV ft LYUBOV POLOZNOVA - youre mine (chillout mix) [CDR]

03 DASH BERLIN - till the sky falls down (monokini beach mix) [ARMADA]

04 ROMAN MESSER ft CHRISTINE NOVELLI - frozen (chillout mix) [SUANDA]

05 AUROSONIC ft KATIE WALSH - open your eyes (chillout mix) [HOW TRANCE WORKS]

06 TRANZLIFT - into the dream (chillout mix) [BEYOND THE STARS]

07 SOUND APPAREL - iridescent water (orchestral mix) [RECORD UNION]

08 GEERT HUININK - the river and the desert [ABORA]

09 ANDY GROOVE - love from a distance [PULSAR]

10 RAM - ramelia (the langhams orchestral bootleg) [CDR]

11 TERRA FERMA - the adventures of [PLATIPUS]

12 ROBERT MILES  R.I.P - children (lowland chillout mix) [CDR]

13 ETASONIC vs LAUCCO - the heavens breath (sentimental mix) [BEYOND THE STARS]

14 TRIPLANE ft JULI - fade away (bart panco) [PULSAR]

15 FEEL ft ALEXANDER BADOI - did we feel (frainbreeze chillout mix) SUANDA

16 GOURYELLA - ligaya (chillout mix) [CDR]



Tracklist:522 XL

01 PAUL HIDER & LEENOOX - aeria (chillout mix) [BEYOND THE STARS]

02 ALEKSEY GUNICHEV ft LYUBOV POLOZNOVA - youre mine (chillout mix) [CDR]

03 DASH BERLIN - till the sky falls down (monokini beach mix) [ARMADA]

04 ROMAN MESSER ft CHRISTINE NOVELLI - frozen (chillout mix) [SUANDA]

05 AUROSONIC ft KATIE WALSH - open your eyes (chillout mix) [HOW TRANCE WORKS]

06 TRANZLIFT - into the dream (chillout mix) [BEYOND THE STARS]

07 SOUND APPAREL - iridescent water (orchestral mix) [RECORD UNION]

08 GEERT HUININK - the river and the desert [ABORA]

09 ANDY GROOVE - love from a distance [PULSAR]

10 RAM - ramelia (the langhams orchestral bootleg) [CDR]

11 TERRA FERMA - the adventures of [PLATIPUS]

12 ROBERT MILES  R.I.P - children (lowland chillout mix) [CDR]

13 ETASONIC vs LAUCCO - the heavens breath (sentimental mix) [BEYOND THE STARS]

14 TRIPLANE ft JULI - fade away (bart panco) [PULSAR]

15 FEEL ft ALEXANDER BADOI - did we feel (frainbreeze chillout mix) SUANDA

16 DJ NELL,BEDA & KAM ft ANTHYA - hold me up (nelka chillout mix) [DMAX]

17 ETASONIC - desire of my heart (sentimental mix) [TRANCER]

18 AUROSONIC ft NEEV KENNEDY - now i see (bart panco piano mix) [AUROSONIC MUSIC]

19 TRANZLIFT & IMPERFECT HOPE - by my heart (downtempo mix) [DIVERTED MUSIC]

20 EL ALAMI,ILLITHEAS & JOHANNES FISCHER - breath of life (orchestral mix) [ABORA]

21 SERGEI NOVONE & SIMON O'SHINE - last goodbye (orchestral mix) [DEFCON]

22 GOURYELLA - ligaya

Dave Chimny - Ganorium Voyage 2017-06

01 DIM3NSION & Radion6 - Emerald (Robert Nickson RNX Extended Remix)

02 Afternova - Way of Life (Original Mix)

03 TrancEye & Tuomas J - Immortal (Extended Mix)

04 Aurora Night & Ensen - Seren (Extended Mix)

05 Frainbreeze & Cari - Stronger (Steve Allen & Enzo Extended Remix)

06 Solis & Sean Truby pres. S&ST - Roots (Extended Mix)

07 Kaimo K & Jo Cartwright - Don't let the Pain get in the Way (Original Mix)

08 Jhonny Vergel - Latter Rain (Original Mix)

09 Takeri - Alone (Original Mix)

10 Type 41 - Aquis (Plutian pres. Astrion Club Mix)

11 Dennis Pedersen - What we have (Original Mix)

12 Kyau & Albert - Trace (Original Mix)

13 Maglev - Feel free (Original Mix)

14 Sergey Shabanov & Julie Scott - I surrender to you (Original Mix)

15 Bobina - Lazy World (Temple One Remix)

16 Mhammed El Alami - Aging together (Original Mix)

17 DRYM & Jennifer Rene - Smile (Amir Hussain Extended Remix)

18 Ikerya Project & O.B.M Notion feat. Danny Claire - Goodbye (Original Mix)

19 Victoriya - Nothing remains (F.G. Noise Remix)

20 Sam Laxton - Decadence (Extended Mix)

21 Naoufal Lamrani - Night0wl (Extended Mix)

22 Syntouch & Blue Moon - Fields of Florette (Original Mix)

23 Stargazers & Shanokee - No Remorse (Original Mix)

Dustin Husain - Noble Power//Blackout Trance Division

Blackout Trance welcomes a new and exciting talent from Los Angeles. Trance DJ/Producer Dustin Husain has had a passion for Trance at a very young age. Producing since 2015,

Dustin has been working on many projects and producing this amazing uplifter. Banging baseline and a beautiful breakdown will no doubt get the dance floors excited. 


Available From Stores

Beatport, LLC - 12th Jun 2017

Everywhere - 26th Jun 2017

AVIV Chart - TOP 10





















Top Tracks by Airtime

Statistics for reporting period: 
From May 20, 2017 to May 27, 2017

Track/ Airtime :

1. Trance Sanctuary Podcast Episode 057 with ReOrder Daniel Skyver / 11 hrs, 9 mins, 43 secs

2. MRZ - Love Story EP# 030 – 06 - April - 2017 / 10 hrs, 21 mins, 15 secs

3. Armin van Buuren - The Best Of Armin Only Amsterdam Arena Netherlands / 9 hrs, 2 mins, 28 secs

4. Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance 813  / 8 hrs, 38 mins, 31 secs

5. Alex NEGNIY  - Trance Air #287 / 8 hrs, 47 secs

6. LARIX W - WORLD of TRANCE Radioshow # 034 / 7 hrs, 32 mins, 53 secs

7. Gate of Paradise - New Trance Generation Full Vocal / 34 6 hrs, 59 mins, 34 secs

8. InWinter - Grey Line Podcast 039 (part1) / 6 hrs, 32 mins, 16 secs

9. Jenny Karol - Our World Chillout / 6 hrs, 3 mins, 40 secs

10. A4JC Gospel Show 5 5 17 / 5 hrs, 43 mins, 39 secs

Ruslan Radriges & Cari - Follow The Sun (Original Mix) // Armada Music (Statement!)

An entrancing soundscape made up of Cari's ethereal vocals, atmospheric textures and amazing melodies, Ruslan Radriges brand-new offering has Statement! written all over it and radiates a sonic brilliance that few tracks come close to.


Pack your bags, 'Follow The Sun' and let this musical experience change your life.


RELEASE DATE 2017-05-19

LABEL Statement!


Masaru Hinaiji - Land Of Eternity//Pulsar Recordings

Ever since we signed the Japanese producer Masaru Hinaiji to our label in 2015, with the single 'Shining Spring' he was showing a great deal of talent with his debut composition. Today, almost two years later he has fulfilled expectations even beyond what we imagined.


Single after single was being delivered, each one having something unique to offer and at the same time stepping up the quality of his production. Many notable DJ's and fans all over the globe have noticed this talent and have kept pushing him forward to this day.


Now the time has come to collect some of his best works and release them in this wonderful package that will serve as a testimony to his great work so far. The album is titled 'Land Of Eternity' and symbolically opens up with his first release 'Shining Spring' and continues with the vocals of Angel Falls featured in the beautiful track 'Tears Of An Angel'. She also gave her voice to the 'Rain Sings' which got an amazing remix by Lanx (CN) that we have also featured on this album.


Other notable singles included in the 'Land Of Eternity' are 'Flying On The Clouds' and 'Sakura-Chiru' which was one of our first ever trance tracks that had a Japanese vocalist who sang in her native tongue.


The album doesn't end there as you will be hearing 'Fine Day Dream' and also 'Dear Yui', the remastered 2017 edition which is dedicated to Masaru's friend who unfortunately passed away.


To end the story of this album we have purposely left 'Hopeful Days' to be the final track, as it puts a cherry to the cake with such an amazing composition that not so many artists can produce these days, a real masterpiece.

Mark van Gear - Ana Karen//Transire Recordings

Transire Recordings present it's 15th release 'Ana Karen'.


Mexican dj/producer Mark van Gear brings to us a high energy and melodic trance banger. Plucks and acids show us the way to a emotional brakdown with a paceful and emotive piano then an explosive climax with euphoric leads makes this track a huge explotion of feelings.


For remix dutties we have two debutant, the first is by the australian Enfortro, who play with the melody in the first part of the track, adding a new melody for the breakdown and with a powerful climax perfect for dance and listening.


To close the package is here Moonstruck from Bangladesh. With little bit slow remix, good percs and plucks lead us to a more athmospheric and emotive breakdown. For the climax he make a great buildup with big leads, then a melodic climax.


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 19th Jun 2017

Kyau & Albert - Trace (Remixes)//Euphonic

Big remixes here for Kyau & Albert's new vocal hit 'Trace' - from their forthcoming 5th album called 'Matching Stories'!


Straight ASOT radio support for Driftmoon's remix last Thursday and ABGT support for the deep remix by Luis Gonzalez last Friday :-)


Twitter: @KyauAndAlbert @driftmoon_music @djluisgonzalez @EuphonicRec

MakeFlame - Age Of Love (Original Mix) // Liberty Music Records

New tune from MakeFlame called 'Age Of Love',

This is a massive Trance tune!!


MakeFlame presents 'Age Of Love' a beautiful Trance piece in which they emphasize their melodies very well composed accompanied by fine piano touches creating an atmosphere full of vitality. 'Age Of Love' is a very promising release.


Great track! Do not miss it if you like Trance!


Enjoy it!


Release Date: 30/05/2017 exclusive on Beatport

Release Date: 16/06/2017 other stores

Mostafa Gamal - Pyromaniac//Inverted Records

Haunting analog basslines, a girl screaming for help, hitting the drums and blowing the soaring synths declaring arrival of a 'Pyromaniac'.

One of the finest progressive trance tracks crafted by Mostafa Gamal, this is something not to be missed.


Exclusive Release date: 12/06/2017 (Beatport)

Global Release date: 26/06/2017

Maratone feat. Claire Willis - All It Takes//Abora Recordings

Maratone is back on Abora Recordings with a stunning vocal collaboration with Claire Willis. This is 'All It Takes'.


The Danish producer shows once again that he excels in the art of composing powerful and touching tracks. 'All It Takes' takes the best of the two artists, featuring gorgeous melodies and ethereal vocals from British singer Claire Willis.

These elements combined are all it takes to create a perfect uplifting track.


This release also includes a radio edit and a dub mix.


BPM & Keys:

All mixes: 140 bpm - B Maj (1B)


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 5th Jun 2017

Illitheas - Shine // Abora Recordings

It's always a great pleasure to bring the world more of illitheas's music. This time, the German producer offers his newest release 'Shine'.


'Shine' truly is another of Illitheas's best works. Its main basslines and drums, combined with distant plucks and subtle pads, will instantly take you into an ethereal journey through emotions. As if this weren't enough, the breakdown persists in delivering a magnificent atmosphere with its delicate piano lines piercing through until the track reaches its wonderful climax.


This track has an interesting history: illitheas originally composed it a few years back, but then he lost the project in a HDD crash. So he decided to recreate it based only on his memories, and this is the result!


This release also contains a Radio Edit, a Club Mix and an Intro Mix.


BPM & Keys:

All mixes: 138 bpm - Dmin (7A)


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 26th May 2017

J2P feat. Angel Falls - All Is For You // Maraphobia

We are really proud to present our first chillout signing at Maraphobia.

The original is a strong piece of music with the dreamy vocals of Angel Falls.

For the more hardcore fans Ar-2 delievers a strong uplifting remix.




Available From Stores

Worldwide - 5th Jun 2017


Read More


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Kara Sun - Time Of My Life // Maraphobia Vocalized

Another fresh sublabel is launching from the Maraphobia family. This label is dedicaded to vocaltrance only, and is a big passion of labelhead Maratone.


The first release is a progressive banger from Kara Sun who has already made some major steps into the scene, followed up by some massive remixes from Aimoon and Phil Dinner.




Available From Stores

Worldwide - 9th Jun 2017


Progressive Trance 

Kara Sun - Time Of My Life (Phil Dinner Remix)

Kara Sun - Time Of My Life (Phil Dinner Dub Mix)



Kara Sun - Time Of My Life (Original Mix)

Kara Sun - Time Of My Life (Radio Edit)

Kara Sun - Time Of My Life (Aimoon Remix)

Kara Sun - Time Of My Life (Aimoon Radio Edit)

Kara Sun - Time Of My Life (Aimoon Dub Mix)

DJ Xquizit feat. Hidden Tigress - Euphoric Light (incl. Maywave, Nuestro , J.Puchler & Keywork Remixes) // Entrancing Music

Next up on Entrancing are Mexican DJ Xquizit and USA based vocalist Hidden Tigress who join forces for an excellent release. “Euphoric Light” spoils its listeners with massive baselines and sweet vocal chops.


First up on remix duties is uprising talent Maywave who adds a warm touch to the original.

Providing the second remix is Nuestro who delivers his very own Trance version of the track.

The third rework of “Euphoric Light” by J.Puchler & Keywork adds rolling basslines to deal some serious damage on the dancefloor!

A stellar release you shouldn’t miss!


Exclusive Release date: 05/06/2017 (Beatport)

Global Release date: 19/06/2017

Afternova feat. Juliet Lyons - Here With You // Abora Recordings

Today marks the return of Afternova to Abora Ascend.

This is 'Here With You', together with Juliet Lyons.


Norwegian producer Afternova delivers another stunning vocal collaboration with Juliet Lyons. Starting off with smooth basslines and drums, 'Here With You' reveals its true beauty during the breakdown with the powerful voice of Juliet Lyons combined with a dazzling orchestral section that leads into a sensational climax.


This release also comes with a radio edit.


Afternova has done it once again, and we hope you'll enjoy what these two artists have prepared next!


BPM & Keys:

Original Mix / Radio Edit: 134 bpm - Fmin (4A)


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 29th May 2017

Fractal Device - Hearts In Paradise // Pulsar Recordings

Pulsar Recordings is bringing new talents under its roof all the time, and each time one of them manages to bring something unique to the table. This time it is no different as we meet with the production of two aspiring producers from Mallorca, Spain who work under the interesting alias of Fractal Device.


Their Pulsar debut is called Hearts In Paradise and starts with a melodically rich intro which will start hypnotizing your senses on the first listen. The production gets going with a steady beat joined by the beautiful ethereal voices which give this track that something extra that we always crave for. The great production doesn't stop there and continues to gives us more pleasure, by the time you reach the breakdown the violins out of heaven will greet your presence pulling you even further into this glorious track.


On remix duty of Hearts In Paradise we have Eddie Lung, a producer from Belarus who provided us with some quality works in the past. Now it's time to hear if this new remix can live up to those previous ones. His take opens up with the thumping beats and familiar vocals from the original, but as we go we realize that this take is enriched by totally new elements, like those new leads and very interesting fast paced sounds. In the breakdown the track opens up to us even more and gets so powerful that it just leaves us in total awe, enjoying every new wave of sound that comes in through the speakers... It is sure to say that Eddie has outdone himself this time with such an amazing take like this one.

ASKII - Maze of Mirrors // World of Caellus

Askii first original release on our imprint is an stylish atmospheric Trance tune. Maze of Mirrors is a title that carries an entirely unique Trance style. 


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Worldwide - 4th Jun 2017

Josh Dirschka - Enities Of Light (A.V.M. vs Northern Trace Dark Mix)//Liberty Dark

A.V.M. Vs Northern presents an impressive remix of 'Entities Of Light' giving a spatial atmosphere with very enveloping sounds.

Accompanied by a voice that combines perfectly with the drops make this track a spectacular delivery.


Great track! Do not miss it if you like Tech Trance!


Enjoy it!


Beatport Exclusive: 05/06/2017

Carl Daylim - Forever Love // Airstorm Recordings

Carl Daylim delivers glorious uplifting trance track called 'Forever Love'. The Track with strong baseline and beautiful main-melody takes listener to journey and brings joyful emotions. The epic breakdown includes cello, piano, choir and orchestral sounds.


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Worldwide - 7th Jun 2017

Marini - Lost In The Sky // Neurals Records

Matteo Marini joins Neurals Records, the new Media Records label run by Mario Più, with a song of power eviscerated by an arpeggiated melody torn with emotional breaks, in pure BXR style.


The Prog Mix shows distinctive progressive inclinations, while the Intro Trance Mix takes up where the Original ends, with an extra 9 minutes of ecstatic flight.


Artist: Marini

Title: Lost in the sky

Label: NEURALS (Media Records)

Release: 12/06/2017 - 2wks Beatport Exclusive

Cat. No. NRL003S

Format: digital

Dan Delaforce - Falling Rocks//Deepsink Digital


Brand new to Deepsink Digital is producer Dan Delaforce with his debut single 'Falling Rocks.'


This release is backed up with an explosive line up of producers including, Shane Infinity, DjJhonnyVergel & [Theølogy] & Jon Fast remixes.


This release is an absolutely must have for DJ's around the world.


Exclusive Release date: 12/06/2017 (Beatport)

Global Release date: 26/05/2017

Maxime Luft - Visions / Drum Zone no. 78//Abora Recordings


Maxime Luft makes his debut on the Abora Symphonic imprint, with a stunning orchestral EP.


The EP starts off with 'Visions', a beautiful composition that enlightens the beauty of cheerful structure with its delicate flutes, its appealing pianos and powerful strings sections! 'Visions' will most certainly send bright feelings of joy to every listener.


'Drum Zone no. 78' ends this EP with a bang! The French producer reveals all his compositional skills by delivering a fast-paced track that focuses on rhythmic strings lines, energetic drums and epic melodies!


Maxime Luft makes an impressive debut to the Abora family, and we can't wait to showcase what is coming next from this talented producer.


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Worldwide - 24th May 2017

Akku - Meteoro (incl. Aldo Henrycho, Fredd Moz and Jimmy Chou Remixes)//Sundance Recordings

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Seven - Seven / Southern Belle//Pulsar Recordings

Marian Closca returns to Pulsar Recordings under his Seven alias, offering two outstanding tracks.


The first one carries the same name as his new alias and starts with a beautiful classical composition enriched with nature sounds in the background. The piano and swirly synths join the game and we're off on our journey as the steady beat carries us forward.


Second track of this EP is Southern Belle, and the first thing you will notice are the chirping crickets whose tune is joined by the soft pads and melancholic violin. The things progress slowly as the piano melody takes lead with a pulsing beat behind it. The whole theme of this track slowly gets unwinded until we witness the full glory of this work in its breakdown.

Mark van Gear - Fear To My Demons // EP //Delaforce Recordings

Release 040: Mark van Gear - Fear To My Demons / God Bless Your Lovely Persona

Mark van Gear presents with his song 'Fear To My Demons' a blasting sound with an untold energy. This Tech-Trance based sound will go deep into our mind with its bumping baseline since the very beginning. The rhythm is so huge and the changes so wild that the initial progression does not let us take a single breath.

After a long uncontrolled dancing, we reach the breakdown, the only time to breathe we have during the whole song, and it does not last too much, because the acid tension comes back soon enough to rise again all the power and get back to the wild road. Massive tune brought by Mark van Gear that you can not miss if you want to go mad in your parties!


When listening to 'God Bless Your Lovely Persona', we will fall into a rollercoaster of energy, where the baseline establish its rules and let the sound to surf on its waves. But, somehow, the ambience created imprints a much softer essence into the mix, and together with a subtle progression of the melody, we will reach the breakdown surrounded by a astonishing uplifting sound full of magic. With a glimpse of purity, a subliminal melody adds the beauty and the emotional feeling for a few seconds until the main lead gets in to start with the rise of tension. This lead helps to achieve a gorgeous uplifting soul, and with the melody playing from behind, the climax is reached and the song starts conveying tons of feelings. It is indeed a surprising original song by Mark van Gear!


Exclusive Release date: 05/06/2017 (Beatport)

Global Release date: 19/06/2017

Karl Schaap & Sincere - Reality EP (Out on May 30th, 2017) / Azura Recordings

Karl Schaap & Sincere are back to High Trance Energy. This time with a stunning uplifting track. The new song, REALITY is a beautiful composition with emotional chords and a breathtaking breakdown.

The release comes with 3 versions, Uplifting Original mix , Karl's Dub mix and Guto Putti (Aevus) Sunrise mix.

Release Date on all major stores, May 30th, 2017

CERN - The Message (Arrakeen 2017 Carl Sagan Rework)[CDR]

Spoken Text by a Visionary and a Great Human Being, Carl Sagan, Circa 1994.


Audio as spoken by Carl Sagan himself from his famous writing "Pale Blue Dot" and available in audiobook format and text here and many other online bookstores:



NASA Recordings from Apollo 8 mission to the moon, in the official X'Mas eve transmission from the moon's orbit to the people of Earth with text from the book of Genesis read by the 3 Astronauts on board.


Apollo 8 was the first ever manned spaceflight mission to leave Earth's orbit back in Dec 21, 1968 and NASA's second attempt at interplanetary travel. What a triumph for humanity it was!


NASA Audio Recordings are Public Domain.

Original Music by Cern, released in 2003 on Gareth Emery and Alexis Hooper's label Five AM based in UK, with a double sided 12" vinyl pressing seeing 2 variations, the "Northern Mix" and "Southern Mix" as A and B side respectively.


It was later licensed to A State of Trance / Armada Music in 2004 and massively syndicated.

Original Mix on ASOT radioshow saw Future Favourite. (or TuneOfTheWeek, or both, can't remember but highly regarded as an undoubtful classic in 2003.)


Rework Credits:

First rework by Arrakeen in 2014 built from ear and own instruments. No Midi, No presets.


Revised with improved mixdown in 2015 in "2015 Revision". Saw multiple CDR features on Uplifting Only radioshow by Ori Uplift of Abora Recordings.


Reprised here in a third rework (as classics NEVER die) with true meaningful text in 2017 and for non-profit hopeful harmony of mankind as Carl Sagan and the Apollo Astronauts and the once promising NASA foundation once was before greed ultimately crushed creation and exploration.


"This human quality will never die, suppress it as Governments or those in power, dominating, or whom of which seek control of the Will and Rights of others for their own agendas may, but the innate yearning to create, explore and thrive, and all toward a superior evolutionary understanding will ultimately prevail... I just hope it doesn't take two Extinction Level Events to realize this...

...We all have it in ourselves to make change. Don't look outwardly for a saviour... Look within... Change starts with each of us."




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The ‘The Best Of Armin Only’ Special Box is what captures the essence

of all of Armin van Buuren’s Armin Only shows. Packing four photo cards, one sticker, one custom-made shoutbox and two CDs brimming with the highlights of his previous Armin Only shows as well as the new music that will fill out ‘The Best Of Armin Only’ shows in May 2017, this Special Box embodies Armin van Buuren’s life-long dedication to his craft and the paths he has taken.


‘The Best Of Armin Only’ is not where the journey ends. It’s merely another exciting new bend in the long and winding road that we hope will go on forever.  

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Arsen Gold & Stard Moon - Love Parade (Incl. Alternate High Remix) [TFB]

TFB Records brings the new song produced by Arsen Gold & Stard Moon, 'Love Parade', as its release 233rd; including the original mix and a wonderful remix by Alternate High.


The original song carries out a powerful sound lead by its bassline, but also enhanced by an early melodic progression. We will fall into the breakdown soon, and will be surrounded by a very soft atmosphere on which a subtle melody is built. Right after, and adding a lot of acid into the mix, the melody starts rising with energy and putting so much pressure. It ends up exploting with a blinding wave of sound, welcoming the bassline again into the mix, and surfing with ease the beats in order to realese its whole uplifting soul. With this melody,


Arsen Gold & Stard Moon have reached a high emotional feeling, but keeping a subtle character into the mix, so this song comes out to be a delightful upliter!


Alternate High is the producer behind the remix included into this release, and he has kept most of the original character of the song, adding more beautiful ingredients into the initial progression and letting the bassline to support from behind. The epic and emotional taste of this song is quite higher than the original, and it is soon noticed but, whith the breakdown, we will feel the real inmersion into a vast peaceful ocean of purity and beauty. With such a wonderful mystic and soft atmosphere and so incredibly clear notes, this break goes deep into our minds to reveal some of our long time hidden emotions. It is the magic of Trance music, and Alternate High has taken it to an untold level. Get ready for the climax because the journey doesn't finish and will keep you flying high until the end of the song. A flawless gem!


Exclusive Release date: 31/05/2017 (Beatport)

Global Release date: 14/06/2017

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Reverb. It’s a tool that no producer can live without, but it sure as hell can give you a headache or two. Reverb is incredibly hard to master as there are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind. In Part One of our ‘How To Use Reverb’ series, we’re going to tell you all about the basics of reverb, what it does and how it should be used.

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