Afternova feat. Juliet Lyons - Here With You // Abora Recordings

Today marks the return of Afternova to Abora Ascend.

This is 'Here With You', together with Juliet Lyons.


Norwegian producer Afternova delivers another stunning vocal collaboration with Juliet Lyons. Starting off with smooth basslines and drums, 'Here With You' reveals its true beauty during the breakdown with the powerful voice of Juliet Lyons combined with a dazzling orchestral section that leads into a sensational climax.


This release also comes with a radio edit.


Afternova has done it once again, and we hope you'll enjoy what these two artists have prepared next!


BPM & Keys:

Original Mix / Radio Edit: 134 bpm - Fmin (4A)


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Worldwide - 29th May 2017


Fractal Device - Hearts In Paradise // Pulsar Recordings

Pulsar Recordings is bringing new talents under its roof all the time, and each time one of them manages to bring something unique to the table. This time it is no different as we meet with the production of two aspiring producers from Mallorca, Spain who work under the interesting alias of Fractal Device.


Their Pulsar debut is called Hearts In Paradise and starts with a melodically rich intro which will start hypnotizing your senses on the first listen. The production gets going with a steady beat joined by the beautiful ethereal voices which give this track that something extra that we always crave for. The great production doesn't stop there and continues to gives us more pleasure, by the time you reach the breakdown the violins out of heaven will greet your presence pulling you even further into this glorious track.


On remix duty of Hearts In Paradise we have Eddie Lung, a producer from Belarus who provided us with some quality works in the past. Now it's time to hear if this new remix can live up to those previous ones. His take opens up with the thumping beats and familiar vocals from the original, but as we go we realize that this take is enriched by totally new elements, like those new leads and very interesting fast paced sounds. In the breakdown the track opens up to us even more and gets so powerful that it just leaves us in total awe, enjoying every new wave of sound that comes in through the speakers... It is sure to say that Eddie has outdone himself this time with such an amazing take like this one.


ASKII - Maze of Mirrors // World of Caellus

Askii first original release on our imprint is an stylish atmospheric Trance tune. Maze of Mirrors is a title that carries an entirely unique Trance style. 


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Worldwide - 4th Jun 2017


Josh Dirschka - Enities Of Light (A.V.M. vs Northern Trace Dark Mix)//Liberty Dark

A.V.M. Vs Northern presents an impressive remix of 'Entities Of Light' giving a spatial atmosphere with very enveloping sounds.

Accompanied by a voice that combines perfectly with the drops make this track a spectacular delivery.


Great track! Do not miss it if you like Tech Trance!


Enjoy it!


Beatport Exclusive: 05/06/2017


Carl Daylim - Forever Love // Airstorm Recordings

Carl Daylim delivers glorious uplifting trance track called 'Forever Love'. The Track with strong baseline and beautiful main-melody takes listener to journey and brings joyful emotions. The epic breakdown includes cello, piano, choir and orchestral sounds.


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 7th Jun 2017


Marini - Lost In The Sky // Neurals Records

Matteo Marini joins Neurals Records, the new Media Records label run by Mario Più, with a song of power eviscerated by an arpeggiated melody torn with emotional breaks, in pure BXR style.


The Prog Mix shows distinctive progressive inclinations, while the Intro Trance Mix takes up where the Original ends, with an extra 9 minutes of ecstatic flight.


Artist: Marini

Title: Lost in the sky

Label: NEURALS (Media Records)

Release: 12/06/2017 - 2wks Beatport Exclusive

Cat. No. NRL003S

Format: digital


Dan Delaforce - Falling Rocks//Deepsink Digital


Brand new to Deepsink Digital is producer Dan Delaforce with his debut single 'Falling Rocks.'


This release is backed up with an explosive line up of producers including, Shane Infinity, DjJhonnyVergel & [Theølogy] & Jon Fast remixes.


This release is an absolutely must have for DJ's around the world.


Exclusive Release date: 12/06/2017 (Beatport)

Global Release date: 26/05/2017


Maxime Luft - Visions / Drum Zone no. 78//Abora Recordings


Maxime Luft makes his debut on the Abora Symphonic imprint, with a stunning orchestral EP.


The EP starts off with 'Visions', a beautiful composition that enlightens the beauty of cheerful structure with its delicate flutes, its appealing pianos and powerful strings sections! 'Visions' will most certainly send bright feelings of joy to every listener.


'Drum Zone no. 78' ends this EP with a bang! The French producer reveals all his compositional skills by delivering a fast-paced track that focuses on rhythmic strings lines, energetic drums and epic melodies!


Maxime Luft makes an impressive debut to the Abora family, and we can't wait to showcase what is coming next from this talented producer.


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 24th May 2017


Akku - Meteoro (incl. Aldo Henrycho, Fredd Moz and Jimmy Chou Remixes)//Sundance Recordings

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Seven - Seven / Southern Belle//Pulsar Recordings

Marian Closca returns to Pulsar Recordings under his Seven alias, offering two outstanding tracks.


The first one carries the same name as his new alias and starts with a beautiful classical composition enriched with nature sounds in the background. The piano and swirly synths join the game and we're off on our journey as the steady beat carries us forward.


Second track of this EP is Southern Belle, and the first thing you will notice are the chirping crickets whose tune is joined by the soft pads and melancholic violin. The things progress slowly as the piano melody takes lead with a pulsing beat behind it. The whole theme of this track slowly gets unwinded until we witness the full glory of this work in its breakdown.


Mark van Gear - Fear To My Demons // EP //Delaforce Recordings

Release 040: Mark van Gear - Fear To My Demons / God Bless Your Lovely Persona

Mark van Gear presents with his song 'Fear To My Demons' a blasting sound with an untold energy. This Tech-Trance based sound will go deep into our mind with its bumping baseline since the very beginning. The rhythm is so huge and the changes so wild that the initial progression does not let us take a single breath.

After a long uncontrolled dancing, we reach the breakdown, the only time to breathe we have during the whole song, and it does not last too much, because the acid tension comes back soon enough to rise again all the power and get back to the wild road. Massive tune brought by Mark van Gear that you can not miss if you want to go mad in your parties!


When listening to 'God Bless Your Lovely Persona', we will fall into a rollercoaster of energy, where the baseline establish its rules and let the sound to surf on its waves. But, somehow, the ambience created imprints a much softer essence into the mix, and together with a subtle progression of the melody, we will reach the breakdown surrounded by a astonishing uplifting sound full of magic. With a glimpse of purity, a subliminal melody adds the beauty and the emotional feeling for a few seconds until the main lead gets in to start with the rise of tension. This lead helps to achieve a gorgeous uplifting soul, and with the melody playing from behind, the climax is reached and the song starts conveying tons of feelings. It is indeed a surprising original song by Mark van Gear!


Exclusive Release date: 05/06/2017 (Beatport)

Global Release date: 19/06/2017


Karl Schaap & Sincere - Reality EP (Out on May 30th, 2017) / Azura Recordings

Karl Schaap & Sincere are back to High Trance Energy. This time with a stunning uplifting track. The new song, REALITY is a beautiful composition with emotional chords and a breathtaking breakdown.

The release comes with 3 versions, Uplifting Original mix , Karl's Dub mix and Guto Putti (Aevus) Sunrise mix.

Release Date on all major stores, May 30th, 2017


CERN - The Message (Arrakeen 2017 Carl Sagan Rework)[CDR]

Spoken Text by a Visionary and a Great Human Being, Carl Sagan, Circa 1994.


Audio as spoken by Carl Sagan himself from his famous writing "Pale Blue Dot" and available in audiobook format and text here and many other online bookstores:…ure/dp/0345376595


NASA Recordings from Apollo 8 mission to the moon, in the official X'Mas eve transmission from the moon's orbit to the people of Earth with text from the book of Genesis read by the 3 Astronauts on board.


Apollo 8 was the first ever manned spaceflight mission to leave Earth's orbit back in Dec 21, 1968 and NASA's second attempt at interplanetary travel. What a triumph for humanity it was!


NASA Audio Recordings are Public Domain.

Original Music by Cern, released in 2003 on Gareth Emery and Alexis Hooper's label Five AM based in UK, with a double sided 12" vinyl pressing seeing 2 variations, the "Northern Mix" and "Southern Mix" as A and B side respectively.


It was later licensed to A State of Trance / Armada Music in 2004 and massively syndicated.

Original Mix on ASOT radioshow saw Future Favourite. (or TuneOfTheWeek, or both, can't remember but highly regarded as an undoubtful classic in 2003.)


Rework Credits:

First rework by Arrakeen in 2014 built from ear and own instruments. No Midi, No presets.


Revised with improved mixdown in 2015 in "2015 Revision". Saw multiple CDR features on Uplifting Only radioshow by Ori Uplift of Abora Recordings.


Reprised here in a third rework (as classics NEVER die) with true meaningful text in 2017 and for non-profit hopeful harmony of mankind as Carl Sagan and the Apollo Astronauts and the once promising NASA foundation once was before greed ultimately crushed creation and exploration.


"This human quality will never die, suppress it as Governments or those in power, dominating, or whom of which seek control of the Will and Rights of others for their own agendas may, but the innate yearning to create, explore and thrive, and all toward a superior evolutionary understanding will ultimately prevail... I just hope it doesn't take two Extinction Level Events to realize this...

...We all have it in ourselves to make change. Don't look outwardly for a saviour... Look within... Change starts with each of us."




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The ‘The Best Of Armin Only’ Special Box is what captures the essence

of all of Armin van Buuren’s Armin Only shows. Packing four photo cards, one sticker, one custom-made shoutbox and two CDs brimming with the highlights of his previous Armin Only shows as well as the new music that will fill out ‘The Best Of Armin Only’ shows in May 2017, this Special Box embodies Armin van Buuren’s life-long dedication to his craft and the paths he has taken.


‘The Best Of Armin Only’ is not where the journey ends. It’s merely another exciting new bend in the long and winding road that we hope will go on forever.  

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Arsen Gold & Stard Moon - Love Parade (Incl. Alternate High Remix) [TFB]

TFB Records brings the new song produced by Arsen Gold & Stard Moon, 'Love Parade', as its release 233rd; including the original mix and a wonderful remix by Alternate High.


The original song carries out a powerful sound lead by its bassline, but also enhanced by an early melodic progression. We will fall into the breakdown soon, and will be surrounded by a very soft atmosphere on which a subtle melody is built. Right after, and adding a lot of acid into the mix, the melody starts rising with energy and putting so much pressure. It ends up exploting with a blinding wave of sound, welcoming the bassline again into the mix, and surfing with ease the beats in order to realese its whole uplifting soul. With this melody,


Arsen Gold & Stard Moon have reached a high emotional feeling, but keeping a subtle character into the mix, so this song comes out to be a delightful upliter!


Alternate High is the producer behind the remix included into this release, and he has kept most of the original character of the song, adding more beautiful ingredients into the initial progression and letting the bassline to support from behind. The epic and emotional taste of this song is quite higher than the original, and it is soon noticed but, whith the breakdown, we will feel the real inmersion into a vast peaceful ocean of purity and beauty. With such a wonderful mystic and soft atmosphere and so incredibly clear notes, this break goes deep into our minds to reveal some of our long time hidden emotions. It is the magic of Trance music, and Alternate High has taken it to an untold level. Get ready for the climax because the journey doesn't finish and will keep you flying high until the end of the song. A flawless gem!


Exclusive Release date: 31/05/2017 (Beatport)

Global Release date: 14/06/2017

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Reverb. It’s a tool that no producer can live without, but it sure as hell can give you a headache or two. Reverb is incredibly hard to master as there are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind. In Part One of our ‘How To Use Reverb’ series, we’re going to tell you all about the basics of reverb, what it does and how it should be used.

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Have you ever wondered why your buddy’s kick drum has more ‘oomph’ than yours? Are you struggling to make a certain sound pump through your mix clearer without having to increase the volume drastically? What you need is compression. And that’s exactly what we’ll be covering in Part One of our ‘How To Use Compression’ series.

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For the third year in a row, Armada Music and Papaya Club have joined forces for their annual Armada Croatia Festival. From July 18th to July 20th, Croatia’s Zrce Beach will be turned into a massive electronic music hub, which will see Trance’s finest and the pick of W&W’s Mainstage Music label spark a rave that knows no equal. You don't want to miss this! 

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Juicy Music presents the fourth volume in the House Anthems series. Filled with groovy cuts from 68 Beats, Chris Sammarco, Discoplex, Gabriel & Dresden, Harry Romero, Robbie Rivera, Spencer & Hill and more, this installment is a must-have addition to any House music lover’s collection.

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Whenever the most gorgeous of vocals fuse with the Trance music that touches our hearts and soothes our souls, it’s more than just two things coming together. It’s as if two halves have finally become whole again, exuding a synergy that nothing else compares to. It’s this kind of magic that we cannot miss out on and the reason why we offer you ‘Vocal Trance Hits 2017-02’.

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Entering the fray are three exceptional remixes of Armin van Buuren’s recent smash with Garibay and Olaf Blackwood. Through the treatments of ANGEMI, Mokita and Galactic Marvl, ‘I Need You’ branches out to a three-piece package that’s as remarkably out-of-the-box as it is down-tempo goodness. It's what you just have to feast your ears on.

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An exceptionally well-composed remix from Afrojack & Ravitez, this rendition of Lost Frequencies' fresh single is one with some serious crossover potential. Blending the catchiness of pop music with the strong arrangement and sound sets of EDM, this take of ‘All Or Nothing’ is simply phenomenal.

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AVIVmedia FM in car with Audecibel!


How can I listen  in my car?

Listen to in car with Audecibel!

 Listening to your favorite radio in car has never been simpler!


There are several ways in which an Audible listeners can take their favorite radio on the road with them! These include the following:



If your mobile device and car support bluetooth, your radio will play through your car's speakers similar to how a phone call comes through via bluetooth. The Audible app must be open and all functionality for the radio (changing chapters, narration speed, playing, pausing, etc.) can only be changed through the Audible app on your device.


Auxiliary Input

With an auxiliary input/port, you can plug your preferred mobile device directly into the headphone jack of your car’s stereo for easy listening. The cable may vary depending upon your car’s specific stereo system, so refer to its manual for additional information.


Tip: If you have an iOS, Android, or Windows Phone device, this is a great way to listen in transit using this application!



How can I download the Audible app?


To begin listening, you will need to download the Audible app for your mobile phone or tablet. To find the right app for your device visit listening page  and click Get The App under your device platform.


Tip: On your mobile device? Go to How to Listen to be directed to your device's app store to download the app!


Note:Using a Fire tablet? The Audible app comes pre-installed on your device. Any Audible content you purchased can be accessed by opening the Audible app.



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VERSE (Equinox)

VERSE is very pleased to bring you a new release from InnerSync a widely acclaimed master of melodic trance . This time he brings us a beauty called Above the World which has both the trance Original Mix and a Chill Out Mix. 


The trance Original Mix is a 138 BPM uplifter with plenty of energy but it also has a wonderful gentle, airy feel like a fragrant summer breeze . As always with InnerSync's productions the melody is beautiful and the break is magical with perfect build.


The Chill Out Mix starts with the cries of seagulls and the gentle sound of lapping waves - you can imagine lying on the beach in the gentle breeze , your body on the warm sand but your consciousness drifting away to a different dimension .This emotional mix is beautifully crafted and at 100 BPM it just gently flows like the ripples in a sparkling pool.


Here at VERSE we hope this release will transport you out of this world and take you on a wonderful emotional journey to another dimension and that you will enjoy it and continue to give us your much appreciated support. 


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 8th May 2017

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Mario Più - Sweet Little Girl

Mario Più lays down the style and direction of the new Media Records vision: Neurals Records follow the tech trance rulez track inspired by "Sweet Child O' Mine" rock classic harmony. The remix, with its running perspectives and analogical sounds, push the Voolgarizm duo to the limit. The Mario Piu Aka Dj Arabesque Mix spin the wheel to uplifting mood.



Neurals Records is another great label from the cosmic multiverse of Media Records. Gianfranco Bortolotti has given the management of the label to one of the most noted DJs on the artistic team, Mario Più, who became known all over the world with BXR.


Neurals Records inherits some of the elements from BXR, in particular a leaning towards melody. In fact, this will be a label which will primarily have its base in trance but will not exclude contamination from adjacent genres.

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Miguel Angel Castellini - Plateada (Incl. Danny Zero / Delta IV Mixes)


TFB Records presents its release 232nd with the amazing song 'Plateada', produced by Miguel Angel Castellini; including original mix and two great remixes by Danny Zero and Delta IV.


Starting with a surprising energy, the original mix ride us through a very unique uplifting journey within its initial progression. It is only when the first glances of the melody appear when we start experiencing the delighful sensation of being surrounded by a magical atmosphere. This feeling comes with us until we fall into the breakdown, where a rush of beauty if finally released and all the inner soul of the song comes out performing such a wonderful melody and ambience. Keeping this magic up, we enter into the unstoppable rise of tension, which soon explodes with a blinding light of purity and let the bassline to meet the beauty of the melody. From here till the end the mystic taste will be fully present and the uplifting feeling will surround us until the end. Marvelous song by Miguel Angel Castellini.


Danny Zero is the producer behind the first remix of this release, and he has brought to us a great uplifter with a higher energy within its bassline. This power is highly noticed since the beginning and, together with some remarkable acid sounds, helps on developing such an incredible initial progression. When we reach the breakdown, a stunning epic sound takes us into a special journey, in which we will discover the true character of the song. Right after it, and imprinting a huge amount of tension into the mix, everything rises until the bassline is fusioned with the main lead and the climax explotes with a gorgeous spread of sound! Marvelous remix by Danny Zero, do not miss it!


The second remix included into this release is the one produced by Delta IV, an unstoppable producer who is achieving more and more goals with his authentic sound. This time, he presents a quite dark essence within the bassline, taking the soul of the song deep into the ocean. This sensation is then countered with the appearance of an ultra light and bright melody, which applies so much contrast to the mix, enhancing it by tons. The breakdown comes progressively, and after fading out all the sounds, a master melody, full of magic and subtle piano notes, throw an untold amount of pure mystical essence. After such a shocking moment, we will have no time to react to the coming uplift and the following climax, so you better be prepared to receive a huge rush of emotions right into your heart when listening to this masterpiece!


Exclusive Release date: 23/05/2017 (Beatport)

Global Release date: 06/06/2017

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AVIV Chart - TOP 10























Top Tracks by Airtime

Track/ Airtime

1. Jenny Karol - ReBirth 47 Tuneflux 10 hrs, 6 mins, 24 secs

2. Roger Shah - Music For Balearic People Episode 465 8 hrs, 15 mins, 18 secs

3. CASW - Trancemixion Vocal Sessions 029 7 hrs, 56 mins, 18 secs

4. Psyrotica Tracks - Mixed By Jah Lewis 5 hrs, 21 mins, 45 secs

5. MRZ – Love Story EP 029 – 30 - March 4 hrs, 43 mins, 43 secs

6. Emacore - The Rise & Fall 46 4 hrs, 5 mins, 44 secs

7. Tony Dex - Classy Sounds 021 3 hrs, 53 mins, 41 secs

8. Cosmic Heaven - Awaiting Sunshine 079 3 hrs, 51 mins, 29 secs

9. DJ Slaider - Night Express Show 182 Guest Mix by Edvard Hunger 320 3 hrs, 43 mins, 34 secs

10. LARIX W - WORLD of TRANCE Radioshow # 032 3 hrs, 10 mins, 19 secs

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AVIV MIX - New Mixes On Air

  1. MRZ – Love Story EP# 030
  2. DJ Slaider - Night Express Show #183
  3. Tom Exo - Planet Trance On Air 099 (19 April 2017)
  4. Airdigital - Trancefan Radioshow #296
  5. Dima Rise - Ocean Of Trance #113
  6. Alex MAVR - Trance Territory #520
  7. Alex NEGNIY 283
  8. AlYf - No Words Just Melodies (022)
  9. Emacore - EMOtrance 127
  10. Emacore - The Rise & Fall 47
  11. KUNOs Uplifting Trance Hour 123 (2017-17)
  12. Philip langham - journeys through trance 179 (2008)
  13. Philip langham - Journeys Through Uplifting Trance 516
  14. Roger Shah - Music For Balearic People Episode 465
  15. The Cloudy Day - Limelight Radio show 080
  16. Woody van Eyden, Sun  Set - HeavensGate 559
  17. Above  Beyond - Group Therapy 227 Filterheadz Guest Mix
  18. InWinter - Grey Line Podcast 045
  19. Jenny Karol - ReBirth.The Future is Now! 49
  20. Myon - Ride Radio 005
  21. Ben Gold - Goldrush Radio 147
  22. M.I.K.E. Push - Club Elite Sessions 509
  23. Anjunabeats Worldwide 524 with Wrechiski
  24. Aly & Fila - Future Sound Of Egypt 492
  25. Armada Night Radio 152 with Arston
  26. Lange - Create 059
  27. Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance 810
  28. Solid Stone - Refresh Radio 147
  29. VII Radio 006 - John Askew
  30. Master dj - Emotional Trance ep.117(2017)
  31. Markus Schulz - Global DJ Broadcast In Bloom (All-Vocal Trance Mix) 
  32. Simon Patterson - Live at The Gallery 
  33. Lost World Network Radio Episode 001 w- UltraBlue
  34. Giuseppe Ottaviani- GO On Air Episode 243
  35. TrancEye - Energy Podcast 014
  36. ANDYs Trance Podcast Episode 114 - Guest Mix  Allen Watts (12.04.2017)
  37. Armin Van Buuren - ASOT 2017 (2CD) (Exclusive Full Continuous Mix) 
  38. Ronski Speed - True to Trance April 2017
  39. Trance Sanctuary Podcast Episode 056 with Andy Moor & Dark Fusion
  40. Gate of Paradise - New Trance GenerationFull Vocal 33
  41. DJ Phalanx - Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 329 - aired 18th April 2017
  42. Game Like There is No Tomorrow - House & Trance Mix
  43. Raz Nitzan Music Sessions - Vocal Trance with Ana Criado (Chapter 17)
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RELEASE DATE 2017-04-14




When it comes to Vocal Trance, the hit blog - Pure Bliss Vocals - has become a symbol and the authority on the best in quality Vocal performances in the Electronic and Trance scene! Attracting half a million views a month, Pure Bliss is a one of a kind blog focused on the kind of music we produce & love and therefore a perfect partner for Amsterdam Trance Records! We've connected with them for a series of compilations appropriately titled 'Pure Bliss Vocals' in which we'll share with you their taste of the best from the past into the future, from the known to some hidden gems!


This compilation focuses on the best releases of 2017 with tracks from Aly & Fila, Roger Shah, Susana, Beat Service & Neev Kennedy, 4 Strings & Fenna Day, Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab, Audrey Gallagher & Kaimo K and many, MANY more.


Enjoy and PLAY LOUD!









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Marc BAZ - Eyes Of A Tiger

As much as we love uplifting trance, we also worship a solid progressive stomper!


Marc BAZ making his debut to the label with a huge one! 'Eyes Of A Tiger' is a massive peaktimer with a huge breakdown, a mainriff that brings hands in the air and a world class drop!



Available From Stores

Worldwide - 24th Apr 2017

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Acues - #Playtrance (The Anthem) (Incl. Eryon Stocker Remix)

TFB Records presents its 230th release brought by the spanish skilled producer Acues, it is the stunning anthem for the also spanish trance radio station 'PlayTrance'. This release algo comes with a gorgeous remix by Eryon Stocker.


Despite starting with a remarkable dark sound within its bassline, the original song soon imprints a complety different character into the mix with a beautiful and shining melody. These are the vibes that truly lead the song, performing a magical progression until the breakdown is reached. Once we fall into this break, an extremely pure heavenly atmosphere surrounds us, slowing down everything, creating the perfect path for the real melody to carry out its blinding notes. With a soft but constant uplift, the tension is step by step gathered, adding more and more sounds everytime, until the top level is reached and a rush of purity blasts with a blinding sound that takes us to an untold scale of mind pleasure. Acues brings an incredible deep journey through the most mystical side of the mighty Trance music. A true gem that will not dissapoint you! Do not miss it!


Eryon Stocker shows his characteristic powerful sound, taking the inner energy of the song several steps up. With this wild and full of bassline changes, the song progresses and starts showing glimpses of the melody. The song gets a delightful uplifting taste during this part. But then, everything freezes, and the melancholic voice appears from the void, supported with some soft pads and a very thin atmosphere that helps the melody telling its story. An emotional an magical story, a tale from the forgotten dreams of the true magical spirit of this music. In a perfect way, the tension starts to rise surronding in an awesome way the melody, to end up exploding together in what is one of the highest feelings ever conveyed by an uplifting climax. Undescriptible stunning work by Eryon Stocker! A must-listen song for all the true lovers of Trance!


Exclusive Release date: 05/05/2017 (Beatport)


Global Release date: 19/05/2017

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Misha Sinal - Avangard (Original Mix)

After two successful remixes Russian talent Misha Sinal returns to Entrancing Music with his first original release. Providing all the hallmarks of his latest work “Avangard” catches the listener’s attention immediately with sweeping leads, hammering drum patterns and tempting melodies. This tune delivers sunshine and summer feelings right out of your speakers. Misha Sinal continues to impress with yet another massive production. Be sure to not miss out on this one!


Exclusive Release date: 24/04/2017 (Beatport)


Global Release date: 08/05/2017

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Tommy Silent - Showdown EP


Tommy Silent is no stranger in World of Caellus, he's remixed four Caellus' titles in the past displaying his beautiful progressive Trance signature. Making this his debut as an original #worldofcaellus artist, Tommy ups the pace with 'Showdown' and plays around with a 3/4 time signature in his track 'Limbo'. 


These are just two of the six titles this promising talent has signed with us and we are proud to have him in our roster, please enjoy this release and thanks in advance for your support.


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 24th Apr 2017

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The Mechanic & Vindicator - Children's Dreams


VERSE is excited to welcome back talented duo The Mechanic & Vindicator with their beautiful track Children's Dreams which is released once again with an outstanding remix from Alternate High . This has proved a really successful combination .


The Mechanic & Vindicator once again produce a hauntingly beautiful melody for the Original mix. At 138 BPM it has a great driving intro which leads us to a heavenly majestic break with beautiful emotional strings and choir . At over 10 mins long this track is definitely of the - proper long track with decent break -genre that VERSE loves to release .

Alternate High is a huge favourite here at VERSE and he brings a very different feel to his outstanding remix. Also at 138 BPM it has a powerful, energetic intro which leads us to an atmospheric break with a majestic classical feel with lovely haunting piano and ethereal strings and a truly powerful build . 


We really hope you will enjoy this beautiful release from VERSE that it might inspire your dreams and that you will continue to give us your

much appreciated support . 


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 17th Apr 2017

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Masaru Hinaiji - Spring EP



Masaru Hinaiji - Spring EP


A flowering cherry tree announces the coming of Spring, and so does our Japanese producer Masaru Hinaiji with his newest EP release on Pulsar Recordings.


The first track of the Spring EP is Sakura-Chiru, meaning cherry blossom which features vocals from Japanese vocalist Maromushiko. It opens up with a beautiful flute melody, sparking curiosity deep within us; to hear with what he has come up with this time. With the introduction of eastern influenced themes, fast beats and gliding melodies we hope that you will thoroughly enjoy this piece as much as we did.


Second up is Haru (Spring Comes), and starts with the vocals of another Japanese vocalist by the name Orie Yoko. With this one you will be hearing big basslines and epic synths. By the time you reach the breakdown a coat of spring will embrace your body with its full on magic of chirping birds and fairy tale like melodies.


Last but not least in the Spring EP is a track called Spring Tears, which comes as an instrumental to finish the EP with style. You will be greeted with the moving bell sounds and magical melodies, announcing really interesting things to come. By the time the track fully develops it will introduce a myriad of new sounds. From new piano melodies to stringed guitars and beautifully rich pads.


This concludes the second EP release of Masaru Hinaiji's in 2017 who has managed to bring peace to our souls with such outstanding compositions.

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AVIVchart - TOP 10
























Peak track this week

InWinter - Grey Line Podcast 39 (part 1) 75 Listeners 


Top Tracks by Airtime

1. Susana - Susana presents Press Play Radio 024 10 hrs, 32 mins, 6 secs

2. Mohamed Ragab - Excelsior Sessions February 2017 7 hrs, 35 mins, 3 secs

3. Avalon Live closing set at Dreamstate U S A Insomniac 6 hrs, 2 mins, 55 secs

4. MRZ – Love Story EP 027 – March - 2017 AVIVAMEDIA FM 5 hrs, 58 mins, 12 secs

5. Philip Langham - Journeys Through Trance 092 5 hrs, 23 mins, 57 secs

6. Alex MAVR - Trance Territory #516 5 hrs, 18 mins, 1 sec

7. Cosmic Heaven - Awaiting Sunshine 079 4 hrs, 17 mins

8. Coldharbour Sessions 036 - Daxson Feb 2017 4 hrs, 5 mins, 5 secs

9. Airdigital - Trancefan Radioshow #290 3 hrs, 57 mins, 46 secs

10. Phil Langham - Journeys Through Trance 348 3 hrs, 49 mins, 11 secs

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AVIVchart - TOP 10
























1. Jenny Karol - Кaleidoscope Pure Trance 2014 2015 /6 hrs, 18 mins, 30 secs 

2. Ben Gold - GoldrushRadio 138 /5 hrs, 50 mins, 44 secs 

3. Alex NEGNIY  - Trance Air #277 UpliftZone special /5 hrs, 26 mins, 35 secs 

4. Lange - Create 055/ 5 hrs, 14 mins, 48 secs 

5. Cheshire Cat pres. -  Alice in Wonderland Radioshow #005/ 4 hrs, 16 mins, 13 secs 

6. Avalon Live closing set at Dreamstate U S A Insomniac/ 3 hrs, 51 mins, 35 secs 

7. Arrakeen  - Beyond Perception Monthly Ep026 & 27 /3 hrs, 47 mins, 8 secs 

8. Bobina - Russia Goes Clubbing 436 /3 hrs, 45 mins, 21 secs 

9. InWinter - Grey Line Podcast 038 /3 hrs, 38 mins, 33 secs 

10. Tony Grand - Reunion 145

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Abide - Carry My Way / Tokyo EP

Abide is here with his first debut EP on (Inspectrum Recordings). In this release, Abide combines the uplifting trance with the elegance of melodies and simple emotions. The EP has two original tracks: 


Carry Me Away: A sensational uplifting melodic trance mixes the simplicity of trance and the greatness of melody. 


Tokyo: An inspiration track in Abide's own style, That had the energetic feeling and banging beats. 


A lot to see from This artist especially in the next compilation (Spectra of Trance Vol. 2 (Mixes By Guest DJ Daniel Kandi) coming out next month.


Released March 27, 2017 on Inspectrum Recordings

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Anske pres. Aqsua - Keep Believing


We are pleased to introduce Anske and his Aqsua alias to Abora Symphonic. This is 'Keep Believing'.


Aqsua is the chillout alter ego of Lithuanian producer Anske. This time, he explores the path of orchestral composition, with a track that is truly magnificent. Starting off with a shivering bass, he then introduces powerful drum rhythms with an emotional piano. A perfect fit for accompanying any action-based videos!


'Keep Believing' is a tremendous success for the trance producer. We cannot wait for you to hear what this alias will bring on next.(c)Abora Symphonic


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 22nd Mar 2017

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Angelica S Pres. Other Side - Echoes [Trans Original Records]


It is a melodious track, sometimes sad, but even her sadness, makes us sometimes to enjoy life.


Release Date Global : 07. 04 .2017

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InWinter - Grey Line Podcast (Special Trance Edition)

part 1 

01. Berg - Randa (Extended Mix) 

02. Shugz - End Product 

03. Simon O'Shine & Ahmed Romel - Erytheia 

04. Cold Blue - Gold Rush (Niko Zografos Remix) 

05. Ahmed Romel - City Of Life (RAM Remix) 

06. Yuri Kane - Right Back (A & Z Uplifting Bootleg) 

07. Craig Connelly feat. Jessica Lawrence - How Can I (James Dymond Remix) 

08. James Dymond & Chris Schweizer - Spectrum (Extended Mix) 

09. InWinter - Succubus (Premiere) 

10. Protoculture - Asphalt (Skylex Bootleg) 


part 2 

01. Photographer - Infinity (Roman Messer Remix) 

02. John Askew - Raven 

03. Ana Criado & Alan Morris - Border Line 

04. Bryan Kearney - Adrenaline 

05. Alan Walker - Faded (Talla 2XLC Uplifting Rework) 

06. Indecent Noise - Serpent (Extended Mix) 

07. InWinter - My Rebirth (ReBirth`s Anthem) 

08. RAM feat. Stine Grove - Forever And A Day (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) 

09. Jan Miller - Liberty (Extended Mix) 

10. Exis - Mantra (Extended Mix) 

11. Ciro Visone - Someone Save Me

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AVIVchart. Last 7 day(s)
























Top Tracks by Airtime

Tracks  Airtime:

1. Arrakeen  - Beyond Perception Monthly Ep026 & 27

9 hrs, 24 mins, 58 secs

2. ANDYs Trance Podcast Episode 112 - Guest Mix SCORE 08 02 2017

7 hrs, 3 mins, 16 secs

3. Jenny Karol - Кaleidoscope Pure Trance 2014 2015

6 hrs, 44 mins, 56 secs

4. Alex NEGNIY - Trance Air #274 pres. Another Trance Air 2017

5 hrs, 36 mins, 30 secs

5. CosmicGate - Wake Your Mind 150

4 hrs, 31 mins, 59 secs

6. Sean Tyas - Degenerate Radio 109

4 hrs, 21 mins, 16 secs

7. Ben Gold - GoldrushRadio 138

4 hrs, 11 mins, 58 secs

8. Markus Schulz - GDJB World Tour London 2017

3 hrs, 58 mins, 6 secs

9. Gospel Show 17 2 17

3 hrs, 55 mins, 33 secs

10.Tony Grand - Reunion 143 Incl Martin Cloud Album Review
3 hrs, 52 mins, 5 secs

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Playme - It's A Good Feeling


Playme makes his comeback with a very euphoric tune, filled with beautiful strings, a soft piano, enchanting choirs, bright leads, and an energetic bassline which will immerse you into an ocean of sounds and make you lose track of time. Good feelings guaranteed!


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 20th Mar 2017

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Marcprest - Flying on your Soul (Incl. Alex Van Gray / Rich Triphonic Mixes)


TFB Records is proud to present its brand new release, number 225, with the stunning original song produced by Marcprest, 'Flying on your Soul'; including two additional marvelous remixes by Alex Van Gray and Rich Triphonic.


A vast power welcomes us into the original song and, as the uplifting special touch is added, we surf an incredibly magical initial path. After such a beautiful progression, the breakdown comes in to end up blinding us with an incredible amount of peaceful sounds. The beauty and the harmonic essence released within this break is just undescriptible, it reminds us how often the emotional music is misunderstood, cause it may not fit well into a main stage set but, what is far more important is the feelings it conveys to us, making us to instantly teleport our mind to the world of wonders. What music makes you feel is what really matters so, we highly recommend you to listen carefully to this impressive song and feel the experience. Flawless gem by Marcprest, thanks buddy!


Alex Van Gray has taken one step forward into the most characteristic uplifting sound, imprinting higher energy to his remix. But, what surprises us is the way he has kept the mystical essence, combining in such a perfect way both faces. It trully shows impressive production skills on creating an emotional anthem with the exact amount of power within its baseline, totally awesome. When we fall into the breakdown, the unexpected story starts again, taking us to a different place everytime we listen to it; this is the true magic of Trance music. The journey is even enhanced with the blinding climax, where the baseline fully meets the whole melody, a completely mystical experience for our mind. Alex Van Gray proudly brings to us a song worthy to be among the best emotional uplifted tunes of the year! Congratulations Alex!


Closing this release we find the remix signed by Rich Triphonic, a huge talented producer who is quickly rising to the top level of producing. From his particular point of view, he presents a song with a slightly darker baseline, giving to it a higher leadership during the initial progression of the song, letting the first glances of the melody to float above it. The breakdown comes in very subtly, arising the melody to its highest point and letting it shine with all its beauty. But the tension starts to be gathered soon, rising the whole energy progressively until the red line is crossed and what comes after is for you to discover.

A different vision with the same aim, to release overwhelming amount of feelings into the listener's mind, presenting a surprising inner journey through the deepest emotions! Masterpiece by Rich Triphonic! (c)

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R.E.L.O.A.D. - Where The Sun Shines


We are honored to welcome the Argentinian duo R.E.L.O.A.D for their

debut single on Edge EDM Records, this is 'Where The Sun Shines'.

Providing an introduction containing wall-shaking bass lines, the duo showcase their talent by combining aggressive drums and synthesizers with a poignant breakdown that leads into a powerful and energetic climax!

The R.E.L.O.A.D duo makes an impressive debut to the Edge EDM brand and we cannot wait until you hear what's coming next! (c)


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 13th Mar 2017

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Kash Mihra - Stars In Your Hands


Straight from Portugal comes a new producer on Pulsar

Recordings under the alias Kash Mihra! This upcoming producer has brought something outstanding to our ears which we had to sign right on the spot. The driving intro, the emotional piano and the catchiest lead you will hear in a long time is what makes “Stars In Your Hands” totally stand out from the norm. The feel good summer vibe is coming early to blow up your speakers!

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Future Favorite on Armin van Buuren's (ASOT802/802) - FloE & DJ T.H. feat. Kate Miles - Like A Miracle (incl. Denis Kenzo Remix)


 For the next release on Entrancing Music two remarkable artists join

forces creating an outstanding piece of music. “Like A Miracle” is everything you’d expect from Trance experts FloE & DJ T.H. The track is centred around the beautiful vocals from renowned artist Kate Miles. Kate’s lush vocals work brilliantly with the warm, driving production, making this one of the biggest productions on Entrancing yet. The release comes with an amazing remix by Russian mastermind Denis Kenzo. He recently premiered his interpretation of “Like A Miracle” at the biggest Trance festival in world – A State Of Trance 800 in Utrecht. Regardless to say, that this is a must have for all Trance heads out there!


Exclusive Release date: 13/03/2017 (Beatport)

Global Release date: 27/03/2017

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Eternal Dreamer feat. Aloma Steele - Kiss Me

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Enfortro & Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov - Direct Contact & remixes

We have way to describe this newest production by Enfortro & Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov, 'MIND BLOW'.

Enjoy the 5 massive versions of this born classic trance track. Face your fears and watch the shadows fade.

Remixes by Moonstruck, Marcell stone, Mark Van Gear and a bonus mix by Dmitry.


Please like our page on facebook

High Trance Energy is a sublabel of AZURA Recordings

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Ikerya Project - Ra

Serbian artist Ikerya Project comes back to Digital Euphoria Recordings to present his new single taken from his upcoming artist album on Abora Recordings. This is 'Ra'.

'Ra' kicks off with pounding bass lines, sharp acid lines, and epic spoken phrases. It then shows its true beauty during a wonderful breakdown with oriental flavors that leads straight into one of the most powerful climaxes that uplifting trance has witnessed this year. Cutting edge melodies and energetic drums... this is the power of 'Ra' !

Ikerya Project takes Digital Euphoria by storm with his brand-new single 'Ra'. We can't wait to share the rest of his upcoming album on Abora Recordings with you too!


BPM & Key:

Original Mix / Radio Edit: 140 bpm - A min (8A)

Available From Stores

Worldwide - 13th Mar 2017

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Afternova - Breaking Dawn (2017 Rework)

Breaking Dawn by Afternova was a big success when it was released

back in 2014. We here present the 2017 Rework of the track. Just as the Original Mix, the rework features an epic breakdown. And this time around, it is even better than in the Original Mix. Also, the track has a more powerful sound with regard to the original version. 


Genre: Melodic Trance

Length: 7:32

Key: N/A

Tempo: N/A

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Tom Exo - Take Me Away

It's not a secret that we love vocaltrance here on the label, so we are really proud to present you another top-produced vocaltrancer.

Tom Exo making his debut to the label with a huge progressive stomper with amazing vocals and a huge mainriff.

On the remix-duties we invited one of our residents R3dub, who did a massive job with a huge uplifting remix of this track.



Available From Stores

Worldwide - 13th Mar 2017

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Cabriolet Paris feat. Theo - This Life Is Yours

Steve Brian aka Cabriolet Paris featuring 10 years old Theo.

Theo's amazing voice was found by Torsten Stenzel when he was recording the gospel choir of Micah Balasu in his studio on the Carribean island Antigua. btw: You can also hear a piece of the gospel choir in both mixes.

Huge trance remix by Beatsole on the flipside!

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The Outburst Radioshow. Episode #501
























The Outburst Radioshow is a weekly radio show hosted by electronic music producer and DJ, Mark Sherry. He brings you the very best upfront trance, tech-trance & techno releases from the scene's leaders, including exclusive plays from his own record labels, Outburst, Techburst & #OutburstTwiligh


For more information on Ouburst Radio, please go to or follow us on Twitter at @outburstrad for live tracklists from 10pm GMT every Friday!


Mark Sherry's Outburst Radioshow - Epsiode #501


01. Markus Schulz pres Dakota & Koen Groeneveld - Mota Mota (Extended Mix) [Coldharbour]

02. Tasso - Pull Back (Extended Mix) [Create Music]

03. **Outburst Cut** Mark Sherry & 2nd Phase - Killer Twist (Original Mix) [Outburst]

04. Protoculture - Music Is More Than Mathematics (Tempo Giusto Remix) [Armada]

05. Mark Sherry - Gravitational Waves (Lostly Remix) [Outburst] 

06. Bryan Kearney - Adrenaline (Original Mix) [Subculture]

07. Chris Schweizer - Shadows (Extended Mix) [WAO138]

08. David Forbes - Wormhole (Original Mix) [Outburst]

09. Paul Oakenfold & Jordan Suckley - Amnesia (Original Mix) [Perfecto]

10. Dan Dobson - Gaunt (Original Mix) [Outburst]

*The Techburst Selection**

11. Spektre - Curveball (Tomy DeClerque Remix) [Funk 'N Deep]

12. Niereich vs Hackler & Kuch - Finite Moments (Original Mix) [Collision]

13. Mario Piu & Dario di Mauro - Melody Anthem (Original Mix) [Techburst]

14. Alen Milivojevic - Dementio Remix (Alen Milivojevic 2017 Remix) [Yin Yang]

15. Darmec - My Silence (Original Mix) [Techburst]


Mark :)

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Omniks - Faceless ( Incl. Courage & Victor Tayne Mixes)

TFB Records presents its release 224th, with the amazing song 'Faceless' produced by Omniks; including original mix and two gorgeous remixes by Courage and Victor Tayne.

The original song brings a stunning dark uplifting sound, with a powerful baseline supporting the rest of the ingredients that are added to the mix as the progression moves forward. With a pretty decent intro, the breakdown comes in to release the inner soul of the song, letting the darkest ambience to surround everything. This atmosphere, brought from the heavens, makes a remarkable moment, slowly rising the melody beneath its breath performing such a sweet uplift. Omniks brings a masterpiece of an uplifter with dark sounds and some banging melodies that will break apart every dancefloor at the same time it keeps the purest essence of Trance, what a wonderful original song! Thank you Omniks for this gem!

Courage is the producer behing the first remix we can find into this release, and he has imprint quite a huge acid sound into the baseline of it. With a thick sub-bass supporting from behind, the powerful beats and this special acid taste drive the first part of the song. But, suddenly, everything is slowed down, presenting a progressive breakdown which goes from the most chilled sound to the unstoppable rush of tension, until the bomb explotes whit a shinning blast of beauty and energy. Impressive mix of sounds whithin the main part of the song, achieving such an untold level of quality. The real Uplifting is brought this time by Courage, and we just can thank him for this awesome work! Do not miss it!

Closing the release we face the remix signed by Victor Tayne, who has also bet for an agressive uplifting sound, choosing a bright sound to lead this outstanding song. The breakdown will show some alien notes, with a heavenly voice and an outer space atmosphere, it is simply a mix that you can not miss. Right after, the show starts with a perfect guitar melody, giving an extra touch to the whole mix. It is then when the tension starts rising towards its highest point, in which, the final atmosphere is built up to meet the main melody, and together they will release one of the best main parts we have recently listened. Victor Tayne with his risky bet for a different sound, has achieved a never seen before level of quality! Totally amazed by this choon!


Exclusive Release date: 25/03/2017 (beatport)

Global Release date: 08/04/2017

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R.E.L.O.A.D. - Where The Sun Shines

We are honored to welcome the Argentinian duo R.E.L.O.A.D for their debut single on Edge EDM Records, this is 'Where The Sun Shines'.

Providing an introduction containing wall-shaking bass lines, the duo showcase their talent by combining aggressive drums and synthesizers with a poignant breakdown that leads into a powerful and energetic climax!

The R.E.L.O.A.D duo makes an impressive debut to the Edge EDM brand and we cannot wait until you hear what's coming next! (c) Edge EDM Records


Available From Stores

Worldwide - 13th Mar 2017

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Saad Ayub feat. ArDao - Shinrinyoku [Abora Recordings]

"We are proud to introduce the first 2017 release of Saad Ayub on Abora Recordings, this is 'Shinrinyoku'.

Canadian Bangladeshi upcoming talent Saad Ayub teams up with the talented cellist ArDao from Berklee College of Music to provide an emotional and riveting track.


Starting off with a powerful introduction that combines bass lines and pluck melodies perfectly, the track then leads into its pinnacle with the blend of lush pads and elegant cello melodies that enhance the atmosphere of the track.


The creative climax then displays the real talent of both artists with a perfect mixture of Cello and Uplifting Trance!


Saad Ayub starts off this year with a storm and this is only a taste of what's coming.' @Abora Recordings


BPM & Key:

Original Mix: 138 bpm - C Maj (8B)

Available From Stores

Worldwide - 13th Feb 2017


Tune in :

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Philip Langham - 2016 Year Mix Part 1



  • 01 ATTILA SYAH - letters to heaven  [ABORA]
  • 03 ERIC SEIN - in her eyes  [MARAPHOBIA]
  • 04 AZIZ AOUANE - destiny  [LEVITATED]
  • 05 RICARDO BARCINSKI - esperanza (delta IV)  [TRANCER]
  • 06 MARK SIXMA ft JOHNATHAN MENDELSON - way to happiness (reorder)  [ARMADA]
  • 07 CIARAN McAULEY ft FAITH - im coming home (mhammed el alami) [TOGETHER]
  • 08 HARMONIC WAVE - feelings (phil dinner)  [SUNDANCE]
  • 09 NICK PARKER -without you now (derek palmer) [TRANCER]
  • 10 ARTIFI - in silence (xijaro & pitch)  [BLUE SOHO]
  • 11 ROBERT DALSHETCH - talking to a sunrise (luis quezada) [SENSUAL BLISS]
  • 12 KAYA - dervish dream (ather)  [TRANCE TEMPLE]
  • 13 MARVIN GAHAN ft JANE PICK - impossible love story  [KRIMINAL KLM]
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The Best Of Pulsar 2016 - FREE DOWNLOAD


The time has come to present our best works of 2016 through an album mix compilation which has become a trademark of Pulsar Recordings in recent years.

Two continuous mixes play over 2 hours of the finest trance music where you will hear some of the best producers of the moment, showcasing their amazing musical skills.

The things kick off with Marian Closca's space inspired, futuristic track called Battlefield. From there on you will be greeted with a variety of talented artists like SoundGate, Masaru, Andy Groove, Attila Syah, Delta IV, Tuneflux and many others whom you will find in the tracklists below.

To make this journey complete, we have decided once again to share the continuous mixes in free form with everyone who appreciates this thing we call trance music.

Pulsar Recordings signs out,

wishing you all the best in 2017 :) 

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Beyond Perception Music.Gianne Echavarre’s - Finest Selection For Radio

Gianne Echavarre has come a long way since joining us at Beyond Perception Music and family. His sound has seen a massive improvement in such short time, with his last work hitting Top #34 on BeatPort’s Top100 latest releases chart which was out on AscendanceAbstract.


Hence we are proud to honour him with our ‘Most Improved Artist‘ award for 2016, and how better than to have him showcase his DJ skills as well, in a DJ mix-compilation of the existing tracks we have in radio format already out.


A true test of his ability to ‘feel the mix‘ and with a limited number of tracks, he does wonders and puts together a brilliant journey in sound for an hour-long flawless mix of his choice picks from some of our finest we felt deserved radio versions for the masses throughout 2016.


Congratulations to Gianne Echavarre and we look forward to more great music from yourself come 2017!


Also this compilation marks our 2nd year anniversary for Beyond Perception Music, with our first release, BPM001, seeing store exclusivity this day 2 years ago! This mix precedes the BIG ONE come 7th January 2017, the official global release date of our first to hit stores world-wide 2 years ago, and this is indeed one splendid appetiser!


Enjoy this two part release!


Available From Stores Worldwide – 24th Dec 2016


PART I - In The Mix:

01. Gianne Echavarre - Finest Selection For Radio - 56:53


-01. Neo Kekkonen - Kate (Intro Mix)

-02. Hivanova - Positive Energy (Danny Zero Darkside Mix)

-03. Starlyte - Hypernova (Original Mix)

-04. RAYSIM - My World (Original Mix)

-05. David Surok feat. Arrakeen - Why? (Original Mix)

-06. Gianne Echavarre - Iora (Nikolauss Remix)

-07. Hivanova - Eastwood (Stephane Badey Remix)

-08. French Skies - Orient Two (Akku Remix)

-09. Elatia vs Jaki Song & Arrakeen - Forbidden (Radio Mix)

-10. RAYSIM - Forgotten World (Original Mix)


PART II - Unmixed Radio Singles:

02. Neo Kekkonen - Kate (Radio Edit) - 04:21

03. Hivanova - Positive Energy (Danny Zero Darkside Radio Mix) - 03:01

04. Starlyte - Hypernova (Radio Mix) - 03:43

05. RAYSIM - My World (Intro Radio Edit) - 05:14

06. David Surok feat. Arrakeen - Why? (Radio Mix) - 04:22

07. Gianne Echavarre - Iora (Nikolauss Radio Mix) - 04:34

08. Hivanova - Eastwood (Stephane Badey Radio Edit) - 04:18

09. French Skies - Orient Two (Akku Radio Mix) - 03:45

10. Elatia vs Jaki Song & Arrakeen - Forbidden (Radio Mix) - 04:19

11. RAYSIM - Forgotten World (Intro Radio Edit) - 05:18


Contact & Licensing: 




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Jenny Karol - ReBirth.The Future is Now!#28 incl.Oleg Silin Guest Mix

Jenny Karol - ReBirth.The Future is Now!#28 incl.Oleg Silin Guest Mix:


  1. Keith Harris - Catalyst (Original Mix) Heath Mill Recordings
  2. Armin Van Buuren Ft. DBX - Indestructible (Protoculture Extended Remix) ARMIND (ARMADA)
  3. 2sher - Tong (Extended Mix) Black Sunset Music
  4. Fotronica - Ephermeral (Original Mix)TRANSORICA RECORDS
  5. ECO With Ariah Noetzel - The Rain (Original Mix)Black Hole Recordings
  6. Jason Ross - Valor (Original Mix) Anjunabeats
  7. X-Forte - Shelter (Original Mix) Deepsink Digital LLC

33:20 Oleg Silin - Guest Mix:

  1. Roman Messer & Ruslan Radriges - Stronghold (Original Mix) 
  2. Anske - Epika (Original Mix) 
  3. Alex Ender - ARES (Extended Mix) 
  4. Alex Friedman - Savitri (Extended Mix) 
  5. Feel & Alexandra Badoi - Did We Feel (Whiteout Remix) 
  6. Bobina - Music Box (Original Mix)
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New Mixes on Air

Recently added to the broadcast for playing in the next week: 

  1. 7Wonders -  Vs. Far Side
  5. Chris Metcalfe - Podcast 62
  6. Dima Rise - Ocean Of Trance #094
  7. DJ Phalanx @dj_phalanx - Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 308
  8. DJ Slaider - Night Express  Show #172
  9. Giuseppe_Ottaviani_GO_On_Air_222
  10. KUNO -  Uplifting Trance Hour 102 (2016-48)
  11. Oleg Silin -  Belarusian Night Podcast 90 (Hosted by Dima Rise & Dan Melnikov) (28.11.2016)
  12. Phil Langham - Journeys Through Uplifting Trance 495
  13. Philip Langham - Journeys Through Trance 271 (2010)
  14. PhilipLangham-Uplifting Trance Selections 40 Inc.Phil Langham GuestMix
  15. Ross Anderson - November Trance Mix (22.11.16)
  16. Tony Dex - Classy Sounds 017
  17. Trance Euphoria - International Live Thursday 24th November 2016
  18. Vanyo - Trance Love 127
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AVIV CHART - TOP 10 [26/11/2016]

Statistics for reporting period: Last 7 day(s), based on listeners  tunes.


Peak track this week:

Michael McBurnie - ATS249


Most Popular Mixes  this week:

  1. Tony Sty - #upLIFTS192 (2 Hours) 10 hrs, 45 mins, 58 sec2.
  2. Michael McBurnie - ATS249 9 hrs, 51 mins, 37 secs
  3. Vanyo - Trance Love 126 8 hrs, 34 mins, 58 secs
  4. Mhammed El Alami - El Alami Podcast 038 8 hrs, 5 mins, 2 secs
  5. DJ da Dominator - Deeper in Trance - DJ da Dominator - Deeper in Trance 7 hrs, 29 mins, 12 secs
  6. DJ Slaider - Metropolis Radioshow #002 7 hrs, 2 mins, 12 secs
  7. Jenny Karol - ReBirth.The Future is Now!#27 incl.DJ SLAIDER Guest Mix 6 hrs, 45 mins, 46 secs
  8. Trance Army - Trance Express 366 6 hrs, 15 secs
  9. AlYf - AlYf - Trancendance Session (012) 5 hrs, 59 mins, 5 secs
  10. Emacore - EMOtrance 113  5 hrs, 48 mins, 28 sec
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New Mixes on Air

Recently added to the broadcast for playing in the next week: 

  1. Vanyo - Trance Love 126.
  2. KUNOs Uplifting Trance Hour 101 
  3. Oliver Cattley - Tranceform Sessions 034
  4. Tony Sty - Uplifts 192 (2 Hours)
  5. Trance Army - Trance Express #366
  6. Nick Turner - ACCELERATE #091
  7. DJ Slaider - Metropolis Radioshow #002
  8. InWinter - Fairy Tale
  9. Natalie Gioia - Dreamland 025 
  10. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Go On Air Episode 221
  11. Alexander Popov - Interplay Radioshow 121
  12. Roman Messer - Suanda Music 044 
  13. Armin van Buuren - Armada Night Radio 130_ Club Embrace Special
  14. Michael McBurnie - ATS249
  15. Mhammed El Alami - El Alami Podcast 038
  16. philip langham - Journeys Through Trance 207 (2008)
  17. Mark Khoen - Trance People Podcast [Episode 2]
  18. Aly & Fila - Future Sound Of Egypt 470 (14.11.2016)
  19. Phil Langham - Journeys Through Trance 494
  20. AlYf - Trancendance Session (012)
  21. Emacore - EMOtrance 113
  22. Emacore - The Rise & Fall 35
  23. DJ da Dominator - Deeper in Trance
  24. DJ Atmosfera-Uplifting Trance Session (Promo Mix)
  25. Lord Raiden - Best of PSY-Trance Vol. 5 - Nov. 2016 (FullON! Classics & Future Favorites)
  26. RNM Sessions ‐ Chapter 07 ‐ Vocal Trance with Cold Rush
  27. Jenny Karol - ReBirth.The Future is Now!#27 incl.DJ SLAIDER Guest Mix
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AVIV CHART - TOP 10 [19/11/2016]


Statistics for reporting period: Last 7 day(s), based on listeners  tunes.


Peak track this week:

CASW - Trancemixion Vocal Sessions 025


Most Popular Mixes  this week:

  1. Vanyo - Trance Love 125 12 hrs, 27 mins, 35 secs
  2. GO On Air - Guestmix 026 Misja Helsloot 12 hrs, 9 mins, 23 secs
  3. Xstacy - Trancending Ep 105 10 hrs, 20 mins, 4 secs
  4. Above & Beyond - Group Therapy 207 9 hrs, 54 mins, 52 secs
  5. Magdelayna - Entranced Euphoria 8 hrs, 8 mins, 25 secs
  6. Jenny Karol - ReBirth.The Future is Now!#25 incl.Guest Mix ATLAS CORPORATION 8 hrs, 4 mins, 14 secs
  7.  Darren Simpson - Mauro Picotto Tribute 7 hrs, 15 mins
  8. Emacore - EMOtrance 112 6 hrs, 29 mins, 47 secs
  9. PIONEER REC - REC043 5 hrs, 59 mins, 19 secs
  10.  InWinter - Grey Line Podcast 003 5 hrs, 35 mins, 27 secs
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AVIV CHART - TOP 10 [12/11/2016]

Weekly Chart on


Statistics for reporting period: Last 7 day(s)

Based on listeners  tunes.


Peak track this week:

Mohamed Ragab - Excelsior Sessions 


Most Popular Mixes  this week:


  1. Tony Grand - Reunion 127 
  2. CASW - Trancemixion Vocal Sessions 025 
  3. Mirai - Sentinel Trance Sessions Podcast 055 
  4. Mohamed Ragab - Excelsior Sessions 
  5. Gelvetta - My Favorite Trance 
  6. Dave Chimny - Ganorium Voyage 
  7. Sam Mitcham - Sam Mitcham LIVE From 15 Years of Trance UK Special, Sankeys, Manchester
  8. Phil Langham - Journeys Through Trance 493 
  9. Jenny Karol - ReBirth The Future is Now 24 
  10. Philip Langham - Journeys Through Trance 167


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New Mixes on Air

Recently added to the broadcast:

  • Mirai - Sentinel Trance Sessions Podcast 055
  • Marc Tatossian - Enlightenment Mix
  • Sam Mitcham -  LIVE From 15 Years of Trance UK Special, Sankeys, Manchester 28.10.16
  • Raz Nitzan Music Sessions - Progressive Trance with Rafael Frost (Chapter 6)
  • Tony Grand - Reunion 127
  • DJ Atmosfera-Vocal Trance Collection (Uplifting Mix)
  • InWinter - Grey Line Podcast 003
  • Cheshire Cat - Alice in Wonderland Radioshow #002
  • Gelvetta - My Favorite Trance
  • Mohamed Ragab - Excelsior Sessions (October 2016)
  • GO On Air -  Guestmix 026 Misja Helsloot
  • KUNOs Uplifting Trance Hour 099 (2016-45)
  • Ori Uplift - Uplifting Only 195 (incl. Phil Langham Guestmix) (Nov 3, 2016)
  • CASW - Trancemixion Vocal Sessions 025
  • Dave Chimny - Ganorium Voyage 2016-11


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AVIV CHART - TOP 10 [5/11/2016]

Weekly Chart on


Statistics for reporting period: Last 7 day(s)

Based on listeners  tunes.


Peak track this week:

Pulse Sessions Episode 04 07 09 16


Most Popular Mixes  this week:

  1. Pulse Sessions Episode 04 07 09 16
  2. Ori Uplift - Uplifting Only 194 (Oct 27, 2016)
  3. Cold Rush - Unlimited
  4. Phil Langham - Journeys Through Trance 491
  5. Oleg Silin pres Belarusian Night Podcast 89 guest Jenny Karol 24 10 2016
  6.  DJ Slaider - Night Express Show Uplifting Sessions 033
  7.  Phil Langham - Journeys Through Trance 492
  8.  InWinter - Grey Line Podcast 002
  10. KUNO - KUNOs Uplifting Trance Hour 098
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New Mixes on Air

Recently added to the broadcast:

  • Amsterdam Dance Event Tunes 2016 CD C
    Anthony Nikita Mix
  • AlYf - No Words Just Melodies (019) (SoundLift)
  • AlYf - Heavenly Session (032)
  • DJ Slaider - Night Express Show #170
  • DJ Slaider - Night Express Show Uplifting Sessions #033
  • DJ Slaider - Metropolis #001
  • InWinter - Grey Line Podcast 002 
  • Uplifting Only 194 (Oct 27, 2016)
  • Philip Langham - Journeys Through Trance 491/492
  • Philip Langham - Journeys Through Classic Trance 146 (2006)
  • Tony Dex - Classy Sounds 016 Halloween Special
  • KUNOs Uplifting Trance Hour 097 / 098
  • Oleg Silin pres Belarusian Night Podcast 89 guest Jenny Karol 24 10 2016
  • Pulse Sessions Episode 04 07 09 16
  • Emacore - The Rise & Fall 33
  • Emacore - EMOtrance 110
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New Mixes on Air

Recently added to the broadcast:

  • Pulse Sessions 
  • InWinter - Grey Line Podcast 001
  • Emacore - The Rise & Fall 31
  • Emacore - EMOtrance 108
  • GYSNOIZE - Chill-Out (Continuous Mix)


Tune in :

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AVIV CHART - TOP 10 [8/10/2016]

Weekly Chart on


Statistics for reporting period: Last 7 day(s)

Based on listeners  tunes.


Peak track this week:

Uplifting Only 190 (incl. AlYf Guestmix) (Sept 29, 2016)


Most Popular Tracks this week:


  • 1. GATE OF PARADISE - New Trance Generation Full Vocal 
  • 2. Philip Langham - Journey Through Trance 010 
  • 3. Uplifting Only 190 - Uplifting Only 190 incl AlYf Guestmix 
  • 4. Emacore - Endless Waltz 11 
  • 5. Chris Metcalfe - Chris Metcalfe Podcast 61 
  • 6. Phil Langham - Journeys Through Trance 487
  • 7. Estigma - Trancendental Podcast 009
  • 8. Roman Messer - Suanda Music 037
  • 9. Beyond Trance Pres Discover Trance 007 - CASW 
  • 10. GYSNOIZE - Trance Session (Continuous Mix)
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AlYf – Trancendance (011)

Recently added to the broadcast: 



Trancendance (011)


Tune in:



  • 01. Tim Lighterz & Simple Art – La Via Lattea (Original Mix) / Airstorm
  • 02. Tangle – Mirage (Touchstone Remix) / Edge EDM
  • 03. Project Soul – Neptune (Original Mix) / Trancer
  • 04. TerraNation – Our Road (Original Mix) / AWJ
  • 05. Obi – Persia (Original Mix) / TFB
  • 06. Fanval – Queen Anne’s Revenge (Original Mix) / Pulsar
  • 07. Nolans Stenemberg – Ready to fly (Original Mix) / Linger
  • 08. Alex Phade – S.T.A.Y. (R3dub Remix) / Delaforce
  • 09. Adam Lester – That Moment (Original Mix) / Pulsar



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Recently added to the broadcast: 


Philip Langham





  • 01 DJ MIND & FRIENDS - love,freedom & tollerance 
  • 02 LUNA SYSTEM - pink stars 
  • 03 NEO CORTEX - elements 
  • 04 LAAVA - wherever you are 
  • 05 FUTURE BREEZE - temple of dreams
  • 06 SAMMY & YANNOU - heaven(martin eyer) 
  • 07 DEE DEE - forever(ian van dahl) 
  • 08 PRAETORIAN - released(warrior) 
  • 09 KAI TRACID - life is too short 
  • 10 ANGEL - kites(fade sanctuary) 
  • 11 RANK 1 - such is life(vocal dub) 
  • 12 RANK 1 - the awakening 
  • 13 LUNA SYSTEM - the light 
  • 14 TUNNEL ALLSTARS - blue lagoon(rank 1) 




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New Mixes on Air

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DJ Slaider - Night Express Show #169(Special Guest Mix by Belaha).

Recently added to the broadcast: 


DJ Slaider

Night Express Show #169 (Special Guest Mix by Belaha).


Tune in :  and ...Just Feel The Beat...



  • 01. Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (Armin Van Buuren's Universal Religion Mix)
  • 02. Jorn van Deynhoven - Spotlight (Original Mix)
  • 03. Blank And Jones - Catch (Club Mix)
  • 04. Ferry Corsten - Radio Crash (Original Extended Mix)
  • 05. Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Sneijder Remix)
  • 06. PPK - ResurRection (Paul Oakenfold Full On Fluoro Remix)
  • 07. RAM - RAMsterdam (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)
  • 08. Binary Finary - 1998 (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
  • 09. Ernesto vs. Bastian - Thrill (Original Mix)
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7Wonders - Digital Renaissance #004

Recently added to the broadcast: 



Digital Renaissance #004


Tune in :  and ...Just Feel The Beat...



  • 1. Chris Cockerill & Phil-lee - Nobody is Nobody (Darren Porter remix - Hassan JeweL & G8 Intro Remake) < White Label >
  • 2. Kosheen - Catch(Estigma Tech Remix) < White Label >
  • 3. Darren Porter - Human (Extended Mix) < FSOE >
  • 4. 7Wonders - Protect (Original) < Tangled Audio > 
  • 5. Donna Summer - I Feel Love [Effective Remix] < White Label >
  • 6. Christopher Lawrence - Unbroken (Original Mix) < Pharmacy Music >
  • 7. David Rust - Endgame < Reloaded Music >
  • 8. Jak Abgas - ReAnimator (Original Mix) < Rielism >
  • 9. Pablo MB - Disordered Mind (Tuomas.L Remix) < Sundance Recordings >
  • 10. Black XS - The Gladiators < Operator Records >
  • 11. Dreamy & Akku - Stakeout (Original Mix) < Tangled Audio >
  • 12. Unbeat - Shutdown < Extrema Global Music >
  • 13. Richard Durand - Dark Rising < In Trance We Trust >
  • 14. ID - ID < White Label >
  • 15. Type 41 feat. Danny Claire - I'm Sorry (Original Mix) < Abora Recordings >


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Pavel Steiner - Euphoric Uplifting Trance Mix Vol.11

Recently added to the broadcast: 


Pavel Steiner

Euphoric Uplifting Trance Mix Vol.11


Tune in :  and ...Just Feel The Beat...



  • 01 Edelways – North Wind (Original Mix)
  • 02 Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Paul van Dyk - We Are (Original Mix)
  • 03 Dimension & Robert Nickson - Wormhole (Original Mix)
  • 04 Starpicker - The Traveler (original mix)
  • 05 Dimension - Dopamina (Extended Mix)
  • 06 TranzLift feat. Six Senses - Tigris (Original Mix)
  • 07 Warren K - Silver Sands (Original Mix)
  • 08 Roman Messer & Mhammed El Alami with Julia Lav – Memories (Ahmed Romel Remix)
  • 09 Nago - Subsonic (Blue5even Remix)
  • 10 Malu - Waveless (Original Mix)
  • 11 Cyre & DJ T.H. - Salida Del Sol (Derek Palmer Remix)
  • 12 Josh Ferrin – When The Night Comes (Original Mix)
  • 13 Mark W - Lancha (Extended Mix)
  • 14 Nick V & Danny Legatto - The Echo Of Her (Original Mix)
  • 15 Immersiv & Crest - Sky Culture (Dan Delaforce Remix)
  • 16 Dan Stone - Macy (Extended Mix)
  • 17 Aly & Fila meets Roger Shah & Susana - Unbreakable (Original Mix)
  • 18 Skylex - Fire Kingdom (Original Mix)
  • 19 Ben Nicky - Chapel Street (Original Mix)
  • 20 Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave (UCast Remix)
  • 21 Darren Porter - Human (Original mix)
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Ascendance Audio

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New Mixes on Air

Recently added to the broadcast:


  • Emacore - EMOtrance 107
  • Emacore - The Rise & Fall 30
  • Robert Holland - Global Dance Mission 365
  • GATE OF PARADISE -  New Trance Generation Full Vocal 30
  • AlYf - No Words Just Melodies (018)
  • Euphoric - Epic Mix 2016 (Part 2)
  • Vyze - Uplifting Trance Philosophy Vol. 7 
  • Dan Dobson Pres. The Rongcast Episode 072 (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Guestmix)


Tune in :

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ATLAS CORPORATION - Turbo Sound Session 02





























Recently added to the broadcast: 



Turbo Sound Session 02


Tune in :  and ...Just Feel The Beat...



  • 01. Riktam Bansi - White Shadow
  • 02. BoJko - Fascinate (Eryon Stocker Remix)
  • 03. Fisical Project - Moonlight (Original Mix)
  • 04. Mike Sang - We Will Be Forgotten (Obi Remix)
  • 05. AirLab7 - View Of Kinds (Omniks Remix)
  • 06. Cosmonet & Vegas - Kontrol
  • 07. Max Antone & Amir Karim - Eclipse
  • 08. Armpits & Changa - Altus
  • 09. Nocturnal Project - Square One
  • 10. Haldolium - Two Roads. Revisited


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New Mixes on Air

Recently added to the broadcast: 

  • The Cloudy Day - Limelight Radio show 068
  • KUNOs Uplifting Trance Hour 094 incl.KUNO - Sahara
  • Trancemixion 176 by CASW!
  • Aly & Fila - Future Sound Of Egypt 463 (26.09.2016)
  • Arctic Moon pres. Afterworld 042 (Uplifting Edition)


Tune in :

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AVIV CHART - TOP 10 [1/10/2016]

Weekly Chart on


Statistics for reporting period: Last 7 day(s)

Based on listeners  tunes.


Peak track this week:

DJ Hunter - Faster, Harder, Trancer vol. 1


Most Popular Tracks this week:

  • 1. Emacore - Endless Waltz 11 
  • 2. DJ Hunter - Faster, Harder, Trancer vol. 1 
  • 3. Dj Nico - Tribute Mix To Andy Blueman 
  • 4. Type 41 Presents - Type 41 Presents Digital Euphoria 
  • 5. Emacore - EMOtrance 105 
  • 6. Jenny Karol - ReBirth.The Future is Now!#18 
  • 7. Philip Langham - Journeys Through Classic Trance 007
  • 8. Vanyo - Dream State 24 
  • 9. ATLAS CORPORATION - Stargate Atlantis 
  • 10. Uplifting Only 189
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Uplifting Only 190 (incl. AlYf Guestmix)

Recently added to the broadcast: 

Uplifting Only 190 (incl. AlYf Guestmix)


Tune in :



  • 1. FAN FAVORITE: Roman Messer & Mhammed El Alami With Julia Lav - Memories (Ahmed Romel Remix) [Suanda]
  • 2. PRE-RELEASE PICK: Type 41 - Heiwa [Abora] [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]
  • 3. Kheiro & Medi - Sarajevo [Abora]
  • 4. Manuel Le Saux - Circles [Extrema]
  • 5. Attila Syah & LTN - Padma [Suanda True]
  • 6. Afternova - By Your Side (2016 Remake) [Abora]
  • 7. Aftermorning - Stories of Desire [D.MAX]
  • 8. Amitacek - Crystal [D.MAX]

AlYf Guestmix:

  • 9. Carl Daylim - Our Promise (Intro Mix) [AlYf] [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]
  • 10. Night Sky - Birth Of The Universe [Time Leap]
  • 11. Alex Shevchenko & Blue Moon - Ivory Tower [Trancer]
  • 12. Robbie Seed - Anteiku [Veritas]
  • 13. Spawn - Aquarian [Beyond the Stars]
  • 14. UDM - Azure [Redux]
  • 15. Francisco Echeverria - Galapagos [AlYf]
  • 16. Obi - Evalon [TFB Records]
  • 17. Delta IV - In My Dreams (DreamLife Remix) [Pulsar]
  • Back with Ori Uplift
  • 18. Manuel Rocca - Against The Wind (Braulio Stefield Remix) [Levitated] [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]
  • 19. Keurich - Estela (Courage Remix) [Exia]
  • 20. Nick Parker - Without You Now (Derek Palmer Remix) [Trancer] [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]
  • 21. SYMPHONIC SEND-OFF: Night Sky - You Are Not Alone [Time Leap]
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Belarusian Night Radio Mix

Recently added to the broadcast: 

Belarusian Night Radio Mix 


Tune in :



  • 1. Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt - Like Spinning Plates (Alexander Popov Remix) 
  • 2. Armin van Buuren feat. Emma Hewitt - Forever Is Ours (Original Mix) 
  • 3. Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Natalie Gioia - Dreams (Original Club Mix) 
  • 4. Cosmic Gate feat. Emma Hewitt - Calm Down (Omnia Remix) 
  • 5. Alexander Popov feat. Aligator - Moments of Life (Original Mix) 
  • MVDW Guest Mix 
  • 6. Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Protoculture - Waking Up The Stars 
  • 7. Armin van Buuren - Blue Fear (Ørjan Nilsen 2012 Remix) 
  • 8. Radion6 - Hope 
  • 9. Aly & Fila vs. Bjorn Akesson - Sand Theme [FSOE 250 Anthem] (Chris Schweizer Remix) 
  • 10. Chris Schweizer & Tomas Heredia - Darksiders 
  • 11. Driftmoon feat. Dsharp - Genesis  
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Chris Metcalfe -  Podcast Episode 61

Recently added to the broadcast:


Chris Metcalfe

Podcast Episode 61


Tune in :



  • 1. Starpicker - The Traveler
  • 2. John Askew - Supersonic
  • 3. Darren Porter - Human
  • 4. Chris Metcalfe Feat Amy Kirkpatrick - Across The World
  • 5. Dan Stone - Macy
  • 6. Menno De Jong & Adam Ellis Feat Kate Louise Smith - Set To Sail
  • 7. Ralphie B - Massive (Daniel Skyver Remix)
  • 8. Mark W - Lancha
  • 9. Dimension & Robert Nickson - Wormhole
  • 10. Myk Bee - Pressure Point
  • 11. Bjorn Akesson - Language
  • 12. Ciaran Mcauley - The Pursuit Of Happiness
  • 13. The Noble Six - Cocoon


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Roman Messer - Suanda Music 037

Recently added to the broadcast:


Roman Messer

Suanda Music 037 (27-09-2016)


Tune in :


  • 01. Ahmed Romel - Himba [Abora Ole]
  • 02. Tony Igy - Overcast (Andrey Pashkov Remix) [CD-R]
  • 03. CubeTonic feat. Dilara Gadel - So Strong [Suanda Voice]
  • 04. Quasi - Hexagon [In Sessions]
  • 05. Mike Foyle vs Signalrunners - Love Theme Dusk (Sensi Bootleg) [CD-R]
  • 06. Andy Tau & Katherine Amy - Fall (Allen & Envy Remix) [Infrasonic]
  • 07. [Exclusive] Ali Wilson - Pandora (Ahmed Romel Rework) [CD-R]
  • 08. [Track Of The Week] Attila Syah & LTN - Padma [Suanda True]
  • 09. Dan Stone - Macy [FSOE]
  • 10. Reflekt - Need To Feel Love (Sunset pres. Symsonic Rework) [CD-R]
  • 11. Active Lab - Cutting Edge [Beyond Belief Recordings]
  • 12. [Suanda Gold Classic] Polymental - Chapter One (Mark Sherry's Outburst Remix) [Flutter Spark Records]


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Philip Langham - Journeys Through Trance

Recently added to the broadcast:

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Emacore Radioshows

Recently added to the broadcast:


Emacore Radioshows


►EMOtrance 105 [Progressive Trance]


►The Rise & Fall 29 [Uplifting Trance]


►Endless Waltz pres. Melodies for the Soul 11

[Trance & Progressive]


Tune in :

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New Mixes on Air

Recently added to the broadcast:

  • Roman Messer - Suanda Music 036 (20-09-2016)
  • Ferry Corsten - Corsten's Countdown 482 [September 21, 2016]
  • Estigma - Trancendental Podcast 009
  • Emacore DJ - Emotrance 104
  • Rich Triphonic - Triphonic Sessions 206
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AVIV CHART - TOP 10 [24/9/2016]

Weekly Chart on


Statistics for reporting period: Last 7 day(s)

Based on listeners  tunes.


Most Popular Tracks this week: 

  • 1. KUNO - KUNOs Uplifting Trance Hour 092
  • 2. Beyond Trance Pres Discover Trance 007 - CASW
  • 3. The Cloudy Day - Limelight Radio show 067
  • 4. FreeYourMind Music - Emotional Uplifting Female Vocal Trance
  • 5. Rich Triphonic  - Triphonic Sessions 204 
  • 6. Philip Langham - Journeys Through Classic Trance 001(1999)
  • 7.  Dave Chimny - Ganorium Voyage 2016-09
  • 8. Jenny Karol - ReBirth.The Future is Now!#16
  • 9.  F G Noise - Raz Nitzan Music Sessions 
  • 10. Mohamed Ragab - Excelsior Sessions August 2016
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New Mixes on Air


Recently added to the broadcast:

  • Jenny Karol - ReBirth.The Future is Now! 19.
  •  KUNOs Uplifting Trance Hour 093
  • Type 41 Presents Digital Euphoria Episode 126
  • Ori Uplift Music - Uplifting Only 189 (incl. DJ DTM Guestmix) (Sept 22, 2016)
  • Solarstone Presents - Pure Trance Radio Podcast-054
  • Logan Lin - TTC Vol.06
  • Giuseppe Ottaviani - GO On Air 213



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