Andy Sutton ~ House Story Dance Anthems

Genre: House, Deep-House, EDM, Tech-House, Progressive-House, Electro-House, Electro, Dance, Mainstream, Soulful House, Big Room

Release: Monday, March 11⋅12:00 – 2:00pm

Weekly on Monday

Length: 120 mins

Type: Talk, Mix, Jingles

Language: en_GBNETWORKS    



What’s House Story Dance Anthems …

The Concept ….


House Story Dance Anthems is a weekly show hosted by Andy Sutton who is a former presenter and club DJ, and DJ OF THE YEAR.


The show is 120 minutes long / 2 Hours and can be formatted however the station requires which can include idents and TOH.

The music Genre is based on 4 half hour non stop mixes based on house music, disco house , classic house and bootlegs , Big room anthems and some progressive house.


30 Min - New music release

30 Min - Disco house or guest mixes which have been from some big names around the world.

30 Min - Classic house / bootleg house or chosen producer/artists.

30 Min - Big Room Anthems


The concept of the show is to take people on a musical journey that leaves them ready for their day or evening ahead.