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Promo  · 21. March 2020
What really differentiates a conscious mind from something or someone that is totally or partially not conscious of what is happening around his or her reality? We think humans are conscious living organisms… Are plants conscious living organisms? What is the real difference after all? At Metabolizm Records, we care about those questions and we try to find the answers. We maybe don’t have the perfect answer now, but we are on a quest to discover the possibilities. With a melodic approach...
Promo  · 26. April 2019
Up next on Iono-Music we have this killer release from Altered State - called 'Visuals'. The title track is an elevating blend of sweet melodies, floating grooves & epic risers all skilfully contrasted with hard hitting stabs, intrinsic sounds, and a rocking kick and bass. For the 2nd track Altered State team up with Cabal and bring us 'The Universe'. A moodier mystical tune with twisted vocals, monstrous sweeps, and a tantalising trance break. Together this well produced, two tracker...
Promo  · 20. April 2019
Los Angeles based artist Wolfboy debuts on Solid Black Recordings with a full-on psytrance track titled “Ixtab”. A dark, jungle Mayan vibe haunts throughout the entire track, with mind-bending leads & FX slithering through the mix like a python in the Amazon! This is a powerful psytrance release you don’t want to miss! Released May 13, 2019 on Solid Black Recordings Tune in: "Upcoming Trance Release"
22. February 2019
Fast-rising producer ZOYA sets her mark on Edge Vision with 'Acid Lullaby'. With its pumping beats and techy influences, 'Acid Lullaby' wastes no time and gets straight to the point. The tune wistfully evolves into a dreamy melodic chorus that is guaranteed to heat up the dancefloor before diving into an irresistible psychedelic drop. With 'Acid Lullaby', ZOYA proves that she's at home in multiple genres, and you'd better keep an eye out for her future bangers! Available From Stores Worldwide -...
Trance DJ`s · 23. September 2018
Hobbit - Straight Outta Shire Weekly on Wednesday 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Trance DJ`s · 22. September 2018
PsiloCyber Weekly on Tuesday 4:00 pm– 5:00pm
Trance DJ`s · 05. April 2018
Please,welcome. New resident on DJ Mythology with Unleash Your Rhythm! #Psychedelic #Trance Weekly on Sunday Start at Sunday, April 8 10:00pm – 11:00pm
11. October 2017
Four months after its album release, Susana is treated with remix by Synfonic, a talented duo making their second appearance in World of Caellus. Psy-Trance fans, you are in for a treat! Available From Stores Worldwide - 15th Oct 2017 Tune in : "Daily Promo Top"
09. October 2017
Sweat, tears and passion fuels the construction of a new dawn, sparks of a noisy mature danish arsenal being called Jens Jakob weaving hands in a high land outlining his flagship 'The Rebel'. By looking at 'The Big Picture', charming reverby melody, textured with lush pads, introducing a classy bassline with more and more layers of percussion and acid arpeggiator, breaking on an angry strict statement to think more about the big picture. Psy-on at max, 'Leftovers' is kicking in with classic arp...