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29. July 2016
Tony Dex is an emerging Electronic Music artist based in California. Born in a small town in Mexico, Tony made his way to the states at a young age to carve out a dream. Starting as a tag along to his brother's dj gigs at the age of ten, Tony learned how audiences responded to music. Feeling the vibe of the crowd, and making them party got Tony hooked on the incredible feeling that he felt inside. That feeling, the feeling of Destiny. That Destiny, to become one of the United State's most...
11. June 2016
god is a dj. –I– KUNO´s creative intention tries to live up to this motto. nothing in the world is more capable of bringing mankind together peacefully like music is. nothing has a better way to interact with people and to let them connect with each other. for KUNO music is the base for harmony, the reason of getting together and the expression of joy of life in general. music makes people overcome differences in point of view, religion, language, skin color and sex. KUNO´s passion for...
20. March 2016
Insomniax House Music is a Global Radioset. Mixing Over 20 New Tracks Every Week. All Set are Mixing by Wolf (Chilean Dj in Barcelona). Every Sunday at 10:00 PM on AvivRadio [Tel-Aviv,Israel]
18. January 2016
Relaxonika by Vanilla Potatoyes - calm relaxing music collections of famous artists, tunes in a positive way, the compilation will give you a boost of freshness and good mood. Under this kind of music, life becomes lighter, and your place in it - much cozier. Notes carelessness and magic to help escape from everyday worries and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of absolute comfort.