DJ Jeff Rush


  I've been a DJ since I was 16 years old,, Began working in clubs when I was 17 back in 1978.  Learned on Turntables. Moved over to CDs, then mixing on software in 1999, then to mix controllers & CDJs in 2009.  My head has always been into European dance music since the beginning.  I fell in love with Trance in 1998 and it's been amazing.   I began producing Dreamland as a Facebook Live event in 2016, and now it's playing in different places world wide.  Each outlet is a prized jewel for me and I'm grateful for each play.   My most notable club gigs this year, I opened for Cosmic Gate in May, and Markus Schulz in August, both in Philadelphia, PA USA.  Jeff Rush


  • Tune in Every Friday at 10:00 PM