Trance Synergy - Avivmedia Special

Special line up on manageable by Ricc Albright !


Less than 2 days and we celebrate a great Day and the very Best is that all these goosebumps will be for free!


LINEUP in CET (Berlin), 

(-2 hours in London, +1 hour in Tel Aviv) 


 5pm - Vader (GER) 

 6pm - Vero (CZ) 

 7pm - Bob E B (UK) 

 8pm - Jenny Karol (ISR) 

 9pm - Andrew Prylam (BLR) 

 10pm DreamLife & Ricc Albright (POL.GER) 


Only 1 night to sleep and then our wonderful event can start with another great surprise! 

Additional to our scheduled lineup I`m proud to announce the great Igor InWinter as a guest DJ. He will play from 4pm til 5pm a great warmup & keeping the doors open for all #trancefamily <3 Happy Saturday friends and fans, see you on Sunday @