InnerSync - Fairies from the Magic Forest Ep

VERSE is the home of InnerSync and his Elves. We are sure all his many fans will be delighted with the Fairies from the Magic Forest EP which has 4 wonderful Uplifting Trance tracks from this very talented Romanian producer .


The title track Fairies from the Magic Forest is the latest of our very popular elvish releases from our Elf Lord InnerSync.

These are in a celtic style of Lord of the Rings meets Trance. They paint in the mind scenes of sparkling streams and magical waterfalls within a lush green forest canopy - a land of magical creatures and spectacular scenery .


This track has beautifully created, other worldy vocal samples , irish whistle , bells and soaring strings but at 138 BPM it still has plenty of energy .


The Second track Finally There is a lovely track at 138 BPM with a great driving intro, atmospheric break with beautiful flute, soaring strings and a very emotional build with distant ethereal choir .


The Third track Beach Breeze at 140 BPM has a good driving intro with vocal chops , lovely atmospheric break with beautiful piano and a wonderful summery feel .


The Fourth track Blue Reef is another summery track. This is a little gentler at 134 BPM with lovely strings and just wonderful balearic guitar and euphoric build . This paints pictures in the mind of calm crystal clear azure water below a cloudless blue sky.


Here at VERSE we hope you will love this really magical ep and continue to give us your much appreciated support . 


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Worldwide - 21st Aug 2017