Sebastian Brushwood - Snatch (Incl. Bryan Summerville / Kaya Mixes)

TFB Records presents its release 245th containing the stunning new song by Sebastian Brushwood, 'Snatch'; also including two gorgeous remixes by Bryan Summerville and Kaya.


The original song presents an amazing acid sound, supported by a great uplifting baseline. Adding some wild changes and upgrading the sub-bass, the producer elevates the taste of the song to the tech-trance atmosphere. It is quite a rollercoaster of powerful sounds. When the breakdown is reached, an alien atmosphere appears surrounding everything, and giving to the whole mix a very dark soul. Without moving out from the abism, the tension starts to be gathered, until its level is high enough to explode and start the main part of the song. Sebastian Brushwood brings a surprising sound, with a remarkable essence and a far away from the standards. Amazing tune!


Bryan Summerville rises the overall acidness of his remix up to a never-before-seen level, making this sound the true main character of the song. The breakdown will be the only part on which we can find some calm, opening a gap between the dark clouds of the atmosphere. The general spirit released by this song is so overwhelming, it takes us to the deepest parts of our minds. Bryan Summerville has, definetely, surprised us all with this risky sound and the inmense quality he has achieved. Do not fear to try new sounds and take a look at this unique gem of blasting sound! Congratulations to Bryan Summerville.


The second remix included is signed by Kaya, a producer who has bet for a short length remix in which he has compressed all the power. With a sound much closer to the standard uplifting vibes, the song progresses getting more and more energy until the breakdown is reached. It is then, when the ambience expresses its full essence to support the rising melody. Right after, and with a short uplift, the climax of the song comes with a blast of rushing sound in which all the ingredients are mixed to reach the highest uplifting taste. Kaya with a condensated and delightful masterpiece totally deserves our greatest congratulations!


Exclusive Release date: 22/08/2017 (Beatport)


Global Release date: 05/09/2017