Trance DJ's Stand For Ukaraine

So you really thought that you were tired of my basic posts regarding my radio mix shows and projects. Well brace yourself, because for the rest of this week I am going to be talking about Trance DJ's Stand For Ukraine. This event is March 25th, 2022 @ 12:00 am Israel time on Avivmedia from Tel Aviv, Israel. This event has been organized to raise money for the people of the war ravaged Ukraine. This is a Paypal account and is 100% legit and legal. The whole world has been viewing on TV what has been happening to innocent people, better yet, to women and children for no reason. I am asking all Trance DJ's to donate to this event to help our fellow brother's and sister's. Yes I do not live in the Ukraine, and yes I am a Black American male, so what? Wrong is wrong my friends. I am expecting all you Trance DJ's that see this post to donate whatever you can, and to all the other friends and family that are on my friends list to do the same. I would like to thank Jenny Karol and Matthias Pahl at this time for making this event happen. These two people took me underneath their wing 7 years ago when I entered into Trance Music as a DJ. Jenny owns the station that the event is being broadcasted on: AVIVmedia, and Matthias owns Lifted Trance Music Records and Lifted Trance Music Radio, and has helped me and guided me through my first event, thank you my Sister & Brother! Jenny is from Israel, Matthias is from Germany, and I am from the United States. The three of us working together in peace, love, and harmony. That is the world I want to live in, agree? This is Marco Young and I am out from Minneapolis-Saint Paul USA. "Peace Not War"

Friday 25th March 2022

Line up Israel Time ( UTC  +2 ) :

  1. Andrew Crown   00:00 am
  2. Bert Voorman    1:00 am
  3. Bil Bv    2:00 am
  4. Billy Loianno   3:00 am  
  5. Calvin O'Commor    4:00 am
  6. DJ Chaos'99   5:00 am
  7. D.SAN   6:00 am
  8. DJ DANIEL   7:00 am
  9. DJ Landi SA   8:00 am
  10. Dj Mocho 9:00 am
  11. DJ KrissB   10:00 am 
  12. DJ Ronny   11:00 am 
  13. Domsky Trance 12:00 am
  14. Grande Piano  1:00 pm
  15. IzLane   2:00 pm
  16. James Hogg  3:00 pm
  17. Marco Young   4:00 pm
  18. Matthias Pahl   5:00 pm
  19. Messa   6:00 pm
  20. MasterBeat Projekt    7:00 pm
  21. MJ Smallman   8:00 pm
  22. Phil Langham    9:00 pm
  23. Ray van Miles    10:00 pm
  24. Teckroad   11:00 pm
  25. Victor Special   00: 00 am