Luca de Maas - Prophecy [VERSE ]

VERSE is very pleased to welcome back to the label Luca de Maas bringing us Prophecy, a stunning 3 track uplifting trance ep. All mixes are 138 BPM.


The title track Prophecy starts the journey with a driving bass line and a great travelling intro. The break begins with eerie synth and piano notes and then explodes into the most wonderful melody with distant choir and resonating vocal chops . The build is melodic and emotional and the whole journey has never a dull melodic moment . 


Passengers begins with a driving bass and the rhythm of a horse galloping across the prairie . There is calm at the beginning of the break before the guitar, wonderful dreamy atmosphere and lively build - another great melodic journey.

In My Dreams has a nice travelling intro - a lovely calm atmosphere at the beginning of the break and beautiful guitar and piano with an emotional build and melodic climax. A really wonderful journey.


Here at VERSE we prophesy that this ep will be a huge favourite with our many Luca de Maas fans and hope that everyone will enjoy the journeys and continue to give us your most appreciated support .


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Worldwide - 17th Sep 2018