VERSE (Equinox)

VERSE is very pleased to bring you a new release from InnerSync a widely acclaimed master of melodic trance . This time he brings us a beauty called Above the World which has both the trance Original Mix and a Chill Out Mix. 


The trance Original Mix is a 138 BPM uplifter with plenty of energy but it also has a wonderful gentle, airy feel like a fragrant summer breeze . As always with InnerSync's productions the melody is beautiful and the break is magical with perfect build.


The Chill Out Mix starts with the cries of seagulls and the gentle sound of lapping waves - you can imagine lying on the beach in the gentle breeze , your body on the warm sand but your consciousness drifting away to a different dimension .This emotional mix is beautifully crafted and at 100 BPM it just gently flows like the ripples in a sparkling pool.


Here at VERSE we hope this release will transport you out of this world and take you on a wonderful emotional journey to another dimension and that you will enjoy it and continue to give us your much appreciated support. 


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Worldwide - 8th May 2017