Magic O.D.A

''Magic O.D.A''

*Music producer and Dj

Before known as ''Cod3@dj''.


The main genre is trance.


Always trying to improve what I do.

Hi. My story began in school. I am started to make music in the ''eJay''. Maybe somebody remember this program. :) I was 10 years old. I don't remember why I was stopped to make music in 21 years old, but I always have interest to the Trance genre. In 2014 my wife tell me that if I have so big interest and long time ago I was tried to make music, why not try professional program for making music? And we take Logic Pro for me. I started first with ready loops which was already in program. About a year or a little bit more I did only with ready loops. But after I think that I have to try to make the sounds and melodies myself. And it is started! I can sit few days and nights in a row with my computer and try to built some sounds or some chords or melody. I don't have music education. I always try to listen to my ears. I just have some courses about two month in the last summer (2020). At that time I think that I must to try DJ skills. I bought firstly small controller but only after few weeks I already understand that it is for me. And now I have my own radio show ''Motion Of Emotion'' wich is played on radio ''Ultra-Max'' and radio ''Maxximixx Electra'' and radio ''AVIVmedia''. Sometimes I'm doing a house stile show called ''Pina Colada House Cocktail''.

My tracks was released on ''Suanda Base'', ''Entrancing Music'', ''Full On 140 Records'' and ''Gert Records'' and have supports from DJ Feel, Roman Messer, XiJaro & Pitch, Tycoos, Ruslan Rodriges, W!SS, Joe Cormack and more...


Please enjoy

Yours Magic O.D.A


Please send promo tracks to mymagic.oda@gmail.com


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