Patrick Lenk 

My name is Patrick Lenk. I create music that one would classify in the soundtrack / epic / film music genre. My work is featured on some of the biggest YouTube-Channels which altogether got hundreds of thousands of listeners.

I was born in 1989 and grew up in Berlin (Germany). When i was about 13 years old, i discovered the amazing world of music and started to create my first tracks by using a 50$ Midi-Keyboard and some primitive software (thanks to my music teacher, who gave me that keyboard for free in that time). As my parents were financially not able to provide musical education to me, i started experimenting by myself and spent a huge amount of my time in front of that keyboard and various other instruments. Up to this day i never attended music lessons and create all my music by ear. I gained experience by trying out various genres of music, but as time went by i understood more and more the amazing role music plays in our world.

So it turns out more and more that i felt an inner drawing to sacral music, choir, choral, soundtracks and film music. Overwhelming, soul-touching melodies correspond most likely to me. After finishing school i moved to Vienna (Austria). There i finished my studies of Philosophy and Theology - and after starting to work i was able to fulfill one of my biggest dreams: to get professional composing equipment and make the melodies audible, which i got in my mind and soul. Since then i compose and produce that type of music i loved my whole life.

If you like the music you hear, i'd be thankful if you follow me and being a very important part of my journey :)